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We write this review with more than a little wistfulness in our words, for FRU is an example of what could have been, should have been... Much has been written about Kinect, its mandatory status (quickly reversed) blamed for the high launch price and weak sales. 

But FRU developer Through Games screwed their courage to the sticking place and held firm. They should be applauded for continuing to believe in FRU, and themselves, even as Microsoft pulled the Kinect rug from right under their feet.

FRU is a simple puzzle-platformer, your protagonist a small girl in a fox mask, her aim simply to leap from platform to platform, avoiding environmental hazards along the way. The world through which she traverses is actually two worlds, laid on top of each other like pages in a book, and she can traverse from one to the other at will.

FRU is an utterly charming game that uses Kinect in the exactly right way. A beautiful puzzle-platformer that has Kinect at its heart rather than a bolt-on, it's a real shame that Kinect's very best game comes when the peripheral is all but finished. Developer Through Games should be rewarded for keeping the faith when no-one else did, and delivering an exceptional game.

If you have a Kinect, FRU is an absolute must buy. If you don't have a Kinect, pick one up second hand for £30, then buy FRU. It's just that good.

If you have limited mobility, though, FRU might not be the game for you.

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