Gears of War 4 at San Diego Comic-Con

Director of Community at The Coalition

It’s been a busy couple days with some exciting Gears of War 4 announcements, and as you can see from the brand new gameplay debuted today – we’re just getting started on what’s sure to be a memorable Comic-Con for Gears fans! For those who join us in the Xbox Booth at the San Diego Convention Center, the above demo is playable and lets fans get their first taste campaign and its incredibly destructive windflares.

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Genuine-User874d ago (Edited 874d ago )

I'm not a fan of those frame-rate dips to the low 20s; hope they optimise it further before launch. Aside from that, the campaign looks promising.

Edit: @Kingthrash360

If you look at the description underneath the video, it says the footage was captured on an Xbox One.

They are targeting 1080/60fps for Multiplayer. Campaign was always 30fps but recently they've also confirmed dynamic resolution.


The coalition are targeting 30fps for Gears campaign -

Kingthrash360874d ago (Edited 874d ago )

i wonder if this was the pc version? and i thought they were going 1080p 60fps....they still have time to make that goal tho so heres hoping. looks decent tho.

below...just looking at it you can see massive dips. even if its at 30 fps its surly not locked...yet
smh before i get flagged or something im not judging the game on some fanboy stuff....on either side. im just calling what im seeing. check my past comments and you'll find im a fan of gears and want it to be great. so if i see something i wont ignore it. you can tell its not can tell its not running a smooth 30 fps just by looking at it
just look at the video screen above without playing it...its things like its raining but the look totally dry, no shine on the skin or anything you cant see rain reflections in the flashlights, the faces look incomplete...especially the chicks face...its like she dosent have eyeballs and her hair looks done but not her face....i can accept all that but at least have a reason for it. at lest make the game fluid.

81BX874d ago

How did u figure the frame rate?

81BX874d ago

No im asking how u figured the frame rate dropped to the "low 20s", did u capture and analise it or is it something over time u notice?

ULTp0ltergeist873d ago

They claimed 1080p/30 campaig and 60 multiplayer.

mark_parch873d ago

on the xbox youtube channel it states it is running on an xbox one

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christocolus874d ago

Looks amazing. Great job Coalition..great job.

sammarshall102874d ago (Edited 874d ago )

This looks incredible Oct 11th can't come soon enough

SirJoJo874d ago

I have a good feeling about this! I hope It has sick boss fights like gears 1,2 and 3 had, The best being the Skorge boss battle from gears 2, that was sooooo cool! It went from the ground in a tomb to the air on the hydra! it was mental, one of my favourite co-op gaming moments in history.

spicelicka874d ago

Absolutely! Gears 2 had some of the most epic battles I've played.

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-Foxtrot875d ago (Edited 875d ago )

I'm glad Marcus is back but where the hell is Anya

Don't tell me they've killed her off, I would be so disappointed. It's such a generic move to do.

Sequel to a film/game comes out and they decide to get rid of the love interest from the past game. I want to see Anya be a bad ass again.

spicelicka875d ago

I'm afraid you may be right. Although the story is supposed to be about J.D. and his squad, I would still like to see Marcus and Anya in the background story.

gangsta_red875d ago

Damn, that looked fantastic.

ziggurcat875d ago

yeah, the level of depth they've managed to achieve from the foreground to background was quite impressive - it looked a lot more life-like than what i've seen in other video games.

Tech5875d ago (Edited 875d ago )

Midways through the video leading up has some very intensive physics.

brokasfawk874d ago

That's pretty godamn impressive

sammarshall102874d ago

Hype!!! I can't wait to see Horde mode too

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