8 Easy NES Games

My picks for eight of the easiest NES video games to get into.

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crunchychocobo508d ago

Ohhhh easiest to get into! I was hoping for easy games to play, because I suck at retro games.

NintendoLegend508d ago

I mean, it's kinda both? I try to explain my thought process in the blog post, but maybe I didn't do so well... but yeah, a game like Guerrilla War is fun -- and has infinite continues, so you can suck as much as you want!

Bradk721508d ago

Omg I played Guerilla War for YEARS. I had forgotten the name of it.

Fist4achin507d ago (Edited 507d ago )

What about ikari warriors with ABBA start or contra with the infamous up up down down left right left right b a select start...