Neil Druckmann Pokes Fun At Rise Of The Tomb Raider's PS4 Box Art

The release date for Rise of the Tomb Raider on PlayStation 4 was announced this morning as October 11, including a ton of new content based around the series' 20th Anniversary. The box art was also revealed and has drawn some comparisons to the recently released Nathan Drake Collection.

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darthv72851d ago

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

UltraNova851d ago (Edited 851d ago )

I m wondering if some will react the same way they did back when it was revealed that a ND artist took inspiration of a certain exotic local seen in Assassins Creed black flag...

fitfox851d ago (Edited 851d ago )

imitation? i think you mean rip-off

Godmars290851d ago

Think that's a double irony in this case.

freshslicepizza851d ago

who designed the cover, Melania Trump?

anyways this is all too amusing after this fiasco,

Eonjay851d ago

This is not about Donald's wife lol

Loktai851d ago

And poor imitation is the sincerest form of China. :)

NukaCola851d ago

Why is the title not called "Tomb Raider cover blatantly ripped off of Uncharted"

nX850d ago

^Because they ripped off so much more than just the cover art.

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Why o why850d ago (Edited 850d ago )

Where's that guy with the username I'm always right. . . .I would like an explanation for this because his narrative suggests tr devs have never been influenced by anything uncharted related. . .

jokes aside. . . They're both kool box arts. . Maybe there wouldn't an uncharted if it wasn't for the original tr likewise there may not me been the change in direction of tr if it wasn't for uncharted. Let's celebrate both. . Both are distinct enough to hold their own.

BLizardXD850d ago

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"

...and Harrison ford was blushing.

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DragonDDark851d ago

Silhouette wasn't invented by neither. It's just that the RotTR cover looks more similar to TNDC..

I dont know what's your point in the other image ?

butchertroll851d ago (Edited 851d ago )

It's a book cover, dude! You just sayin, but you're wrong


Is not even similar to Nathan Drake Collection cover. And also it's not stylized in the same way

MyDietEqualsGames851d ago

It's a real place.

Remind me to hold the Mushroom on my next pizza.

AlNaffay848d ago

Ubisoft ain't shit against Naughty Dog


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Kaneki-Ken851d ago

@UltraNova that ND artist used to work with Ubisoft who drew that location for Black Flag so he didn't took inspiration since its his own work pretty much rather he paste his on work in Uncharted 4.

IamTylerDurden1851d ago

Even the lettering is the same.

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YinYangGaming852d ago (Edited 851d ago )

Just thought it was a niche similiarity jesus some people get so worked up

Overload852d ago

What? Calling a collection, a collection is not the same as ripping off box art. What a weird comment.

Overload852d ago

I'm not taking anything personally. What you're saying sounds ridiculous.

darthv72851d ago Show
Erik7357851d ago (Edited 851d ago )

YinYang had a good point think about it. It's kinda funny that they release it in the same time frame too which even helps prove YinYang's comment even more. What sounds so ridiculous about it? This game came out about maybe a year after master chief collection? Then Nathan drake collection came out and it was marketed towards western audience like Maser Chief collection?

HE never said it was ripping off box art, he just pointing out that Nathan Drake collection wasn't innocent in not being influenced by other game releases.

_-EDMIX-_851d ago (Edited 851d ago )


Soooooo Sly and Jak and Daxter are the names of the main protagonist of those games Nathan Drake is the name of the main protagonist of that game this is not the first time this company has ever released a series of games called the "blank" collection after a character.

Soooooo Where Have You Been? Did you not read or research anything regarding this or are you just blindly posting about something you're not really aware of?

Why did you ignore the sly collection and Jak and Daxter collection and just single out God of War?
Lol buddy, you're trying way too hard to make up a narrative that is factually incorrect.

pinkcrocodile75851d ago

Why does anyone care?

This is a game nearly a year old. It was awesome when it came out, who cares if sony change the box art.

Utterly pointless

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TGGJustin851d ago Show
FallenAngel1984851d ago

Why is it even called The Nathan Drake Collection?

At least The Master Chief Collection made sense since there were Halo games that didn't feature him as the protagonist.

Every Uncharted game features Nathan Drake as the protagonist, so calling it TNDC just seems weird and redundant.

Inzo851d ago (Edited 851d ago )

Haha kind of like how "Master Chief Collection" sounds oddly familiar to "The Sly Collection".

*Sorry, I see EDMIX already pointed that out.*

851d ago
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lelo2play852d ago

LOL... Neil Druckmann, he's a fine one to talk.

Naughty Dog copy artwork from other games (Ass Creed 4). Naughty Dog copy covers from other games (Tomb Raider, COD). Naughty Dog copy game mechanics from other games (Tomb Raider).... then accuses Rise of Tomb Raider of copying their cover? Seriously! * facepalm *

SCW1982852d ago

Can't tell if your serious or just that horrible at trolling.

lelo2play851d ago

Oh, so I'm trolling?

Tell me, which part from what I said was a lie?

Unspoken850d ago (Edited 850d ago )

You get called a troll when you are correct. Uncharted is a blatant rip off of the Tomb Raider franchise but they can't take the heat.

I applaud Crystal Dynamics. Uncharted is riding on TRs coattails.

Pongwater850d ago

@Unspoken - You have it backwards. Today's TR is very much a UC clone.

-Foxtrot852d ago

Copies mechanics? It's a realistic platforming game what other way could you have done can't copy if that's more or less the way to do it.

Tomb Raider - A female Indiana Jones

Uncharted - Inspired by Indiana Jones because of the cinematic/film approach they were taking their new franchise.

Thatguy-310851d ago (Edited 851d ago )

ND also copied walking and running too didn't you know? /s

The7Reaper851d ago

Well realistic has a biiiig stretch to it.

851d ago
andrewsquall851d ago

@Thatguy-310 Speaking of walking and running. they also copied realistic movement of the human race and translated it to stunning animations in a videogame. Wish other developers would "copy" that.

Then again ND's animations were always stunning. That is why a game like Jak and Daxter from 15 years ago have aged amazingly to this day. Yet games by other big studios like Remedy (Max Payne), Crystal Dynamics (TR Angel of Darkness), their games were dated and really awkward a year or 2 after they came out (lol Angel of Darkness was in its previews lol).

jcnba28851d ago (Edited 851d ago )

Uncharted - An Indian Jones Rip-off*

Fixed for ya.

Also who copied who first?

Cartman55125851d ago

Tomb Raider is much darker and grittier than Indiana Jones ever was. I would say Uncharted is much closer to Indiana Jones. Smart, witty protagonist almost always accompanied by a sidekick for banter.

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Dark_Knightmare2851d ago ShowReplies(3)
Inzo851d ago

Lol, your comment is a facepalm. You realise that Uncharted was before the TR reboot so where did you get the "copy game mechanics" from exactly? which leaves me to believe that you are about 12 years old and wont know that TRs mechanics, before the reboot, isnt remotely anywhere near the same as Uncharted's. You see what I mean by facepalm?

lelo2play851d ago (Edited 851d ago )

A was talking about the series Tomb Raider, and not the specific game Tomb Raider Reboot? Get it?

Yep, Uncharted was the first action-adventure third-person shooter ever made. /s

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Roronoa0411851d ago

Tomb Raiders gameplay more so copied uncharted.. do you really have any idea what you're talking about? and I would like to see the covers you speak of that were copied also because I have a hard time believing what your saying considering everyone knows the ass creed thing was a simple mistake that was replaced later lmao.. Please read an article or two next time and do some research.

Kaneki-Ken851d ago

That ND artist used to work with Ubisoft who made the artwork so you can't called a copy, if the creator is the one who made artwork.

FreddyFazbear851d ago

You mean they copy from the old tomb raider games? If thats your logic then tomb raider copied mario since its a platforming adventure game. Uncharted and tomb raider are similar since they are both treasure hunting adventure but neither are the same. Well if this is how you play it one game uncharted always had fantastic reviewed scores because its a fantastastic game uncharted 2 won game of the year while the rebooted tomb raider and rise just got a good score 87 both of them metacritic uncharted 93 and above. So there you have it. Dealwithit!!

leoms851d ago

ROFLOL!!!!! Drivels without proof, classic.

BlackTar187851d ago

@lelo is that like MS fans thinking Gears invented the 3rd person cover shooter?

rainslacker851d ago

Think he was just poking fun. I don't think he was accusing or upset about it.

That being said, the entire TR reboot is pretty much a copy on the premise of what UC was based on. Inspiration or copying? You say potato, I say, who cares?

It's not like there is a copyright on the presentation of art, and silhouettes are nothing new at all in game(or art book) cover art.

Clunkyd850d ago (Edited 850d ago )

Pretty much everything was a lie.
You're really reaching, @lelo2play

gtarhro7850d ago

This guy. Hahaha. Thanks for the chuckle.

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butchertroll851d ago (Edited 851d ago )

Lol, that's a book cover, dude!


Is not even similar to Nathan Drake Collection cover. And also it's not stylized in the same way

Go home, Tru3_Gam3r, you're drunk

Lsbb851d ago

Go home you're drunk tru3_gam3r

Clunkyd850d ago

Honestly, that TR collectors book cover is just another different silhouette design. But that TR box art is just a blatant ripoff.

-Foxtrot852d ago (Edited 852d ago )

They literally have no shame do they

NaughtyDog - Tries it's hardest to differ the two franchises apart. 4 main games in and 1 prequel yet it sticks to its roots and did not once change into a shadow of its former self to keep its self fresh and relevant

Crystal Dynamics - "What's Uncharted doing? Yeah we'll do that but instead of chapters we'll have hubs and small RPG elements but because of these two features the games will be completely different. We aren't copying them at all".


Hopefully The next reboot will go back to its former self.

Imalwaysright851d ago (Edited 851d ago )

"Tries it's hardest to differ the two franchises apart"

That is factually incorrect! TR had platforming, puzzle solving, killing goons/animals/supernatural beings, stealth, hand to hand combat, swimming, driving vehicles, exploration, grapple hook, QTEs... well before the 1st Uncharted. Call me crazy but isn't that what you do when you're controlling the Drake? Isn't that what you've been doing when you controlled Lara in the past 20 years? Sure ND has their own particular cinematic style but lets not pretend that Uncharted formula isn't similar to the formula that TR set as standard for action adventure games.

The only thing that you could say that TR took from Uncharted gameplay mechanics wise would be the over the shoulder view and the cover system but those 2 things are present in pretty much every third person game from RPGs to sandbox games and sure as hell it wasn't ND that introduced these gameplay mechanics to gaming.

Also I like how you can't even give credit to TR Legend platforming. You never said anything positive about this franchise so it is no wonder that it comes across that you despise it.

-Foxtrot851d ago (Edited 851d ago )

Jeez here we go, every god damn time. You can't leave it can can't stand the fact NaughtyDog has actually tried it's hardest to separate the franchises apart

Tomb Raider did not have

A cover system
Was not action focused
Did not have cinematic cutscenes
Was not character driven
Was more about survival then blowing shit up
Story wasn't a focus
Had no love interest
Had no main second character which came with her and was buddies with
Did not feature wave after wave of enemies
Did not make Lara Croft bloody Rambo as she slaughtered them like a commando pro
No big set pieces

I could go on...they are completely different at it's core. Uncharted is a full on third person action adventure game with small puzzle elements while Tomb Raider was a third person survival adventure game focusing on puzzle elements.

"but those 2 things are present in pretty much every third person game from RPGs "

Oh so no other game before Tomb Raider featured one of the things you listed above. No other game featured puzzles, platforming, exploration, driving vehicles, swimming, hand combat etc....LOL, those are every day GAMEPLAY FEATURES Tomb Raider didn't invent them. Hell even QTE the second reboot brought in with Legend and Underworld was taken from other games. Are you seriously ignoring that or are you that deluded?

Uncharted took everything from games like Tomb Raider and made something new out of it which featured the game features found in every other game. They wanted a cinematic action adventure game like a film such as Indiana Jones, that was their goal and they succeed. What they didn't do is look just at Tomb Raider and go "Lets copy this"...unlike what CD has done with the new Tomb Raider games to Uncharted.

"and sure as hell it wasn't ND that introduced these mechanics"

And neither did Core Design

"Also I like how you can't even give credit to TR Legend platforming"

You can't give credit to NaughtyDog. Everytime you see a comment I make on here or something someone else has made you literally whiteknight Tomb Raider to death while putting Uncharted down. You can't help yourself, it's different if people pestered and replied to you but they don't. You seek them out and get riled up over them.

"You never said anything positive about this franchise so it is no wonder that it comes across that you despise it"

Like I said in the other article, I never talk about quality because the reboot games are high in quality. Like I even said in that article, but again you IGNORED IT, you seem to pretend that I do call the quality when I don't. You are so wrapped up in "OMG SOMEONE IS CRITICISING A GAME I ADORE, LETS GET HIM" that you totally going into rage mode. But no no keep saying I "despise it". Seriously man it's beyond a joke now.

Just chill the hell out and learn that your opinion is going to be different to others.

Imalwaysright851d ago (Edited 851d ago )

"A cover system" Pretty much every third person game with shooting mechanics has one. Why should TR be any different? That has nothing to do with Uncharted and more to do with Esaki.

"Was not action focused" Yes it was. TR is an ACTION adventure game. You literally kill hundreds of enemies in each TR game. I have no idea of what you're talking about.

"Did not have cinematic cutscenes" Every cutsene in any game is cinematic.

"Was not character driven" Yes it was. Have you not played TR legend, Annyversary and Underworld? They were all about Lara's journey to find her mother.

"Was more about survival then blowing shit up" Was about both. I fondly remember how her grenade launcher would turn her enemies into blocks of pixels.

"Had no love interest" Not true. Go play TR Angel of Darkness and who exactly is Lara's love interest in the reboot?

"Had no main second character which came with her and was buddies with" Again... go play Angel of Darkness. You can even play as whathever his name was.

"Did not feature wave after wave of enemies" Yes it did

"Did not make Lara Croft bloody Rambo as she slaughtered them like a commando pro" huh... videos above?

"No big set pieces" That is true, it didn't have Michael Bay like set pieces but it had them did it not but yes, I see that as an Uncharted influence in the reboots.

"I could go on...they are completely different at it's core"

I disagree. Pretty much everything that the Drake does, Lara did it 1st.

"Oh so no other game before Tomb Raider featured one of the things you listeght d above"

You're right but what game before TR had all these elements combined in a single package? What game before TR had this formula? Tr wasn't the 1st 3D action adventure game but it was one of the 1st and when it came along it did set the standard for pretty much every action adventure game after it.

"Uncharted took everything from games like Tomb Raider" FINALLY you acknowledge that Uncharted took something from TR and SHAME ON ND for being influenced by TR games... just joking.

"can't give credit to NaughtyDog" Not true at all...

I do acknowledge that Uncharted inspired the reboots in some ways.

"but again you IGNORED IT"

No I DID NOT. I said that IT COMES ACROSS that you hate this franchise because you're always negatively criticizing it and even on the other thread I said " seem to despise" but of course you ignored what I said.

Jayszen851d ago


Listen to Foxtrot - he is schooling you on the truth. This is not about hating a game you like but, rather, making sure you have got your facts straight.

starchild851d ago

I'm not going to get into a big debate on this again because I don't have time, but suffice it to say that Foxtrot is way off base on this one. As someone who has played every single game in both franchises I think that Imalwaysright's comments here are right on the money.

Imalwaysright851d ago


Facts? Where are your facts then? All I see is an useless reply. You're using the internet right? Should be easy for you to provide them. I'll be waiting for you to prove what I said wrong.

Why o why850d ago (Edited 850d ago )

"Also I like how you can't even give credit to TR Legend platforming"

That's some mega strong irony there. Seems I'm not the only one who's noticed your absolute dismissive opinion with anything naughty dog/ uncharted. The reboot has been influenced by uncharted which was influenced by tomb raider. . What so hard for you to compute. It's sad when people just can't stop the wrong and strong mentality for no reasons other than ignorance and pride. Like I said, both have their place and are different enough to hold their own but trying to go on like naughty dog games haven't influenced the new tr is just plain silly . I'm sure I found an interview with people from cd stating this. I'll look for it again if I get the chance

Imalwaysright850d ago (Edited 850d ago )

@ Why o why

What is ironic is that your reply is as useless as the one from the fellow above because I did say that Uncharted did inspire Tr in some ways mainly the ND cinematic flair that CD is trying to encapsulate in the TR reboots and the Michael Bay like set pieces.

From my comment above

" "can't give credit to NaughtyDog" Not true at all... "

Try harder next time dude from whathever side you're on.

@ Rainslacker

"Not in core mechanics, and certainly not in presentation."

I agree on the presentation because ND has their own cinematic style and even in the core mechanics aside from the platforming and climbing but in their formula?

Yes Uncharted has ND cinematic flair and focused more on shooting than the original TR games (but saying that TR didn't focus on action is factually incorrect) however Uncharted isn't a shooter like Gears, its an action adventure game and when I play Uncharted I definetely see a lot from TR.

When I pick the controller and control both the Drake and Lara from Core Designs games I'm not just killing whoever dares to come across them but I'm also finding hidden treasures, solving puzzles, driving vehicles, climbing, jumping over obstacles, swimming, exploring ruins... and you can say that TR wasn't the first game to have these elements which is true but what game before TR had all these elements combined in a single game? Wich 3D action adventure game before TR was inspired by Indiana Jones? What game set these elements as standard for action adventure games?

scroll down to 1996

TR wasn't the first 3D action adventure game but it was genre defining and is one of the pillars of 3D gaming alongside other games like Mario 64.

What I don't understand is when people like Foxtrot above say the that Tr reboots are just a copy of Uncharted when they have the core gameplay elements (not mechanics that happen to be in constant evolution in this medium) that TR basically set as standard for action adventure games. Were the reboots inspired in some ways that I think define ND as a studio since they changed their style to more mature and realistic videogames? Definetely but they were also very much inspired by Core designs TR games and Crystal Dynamics PS2 TR games (if you can say that because its the same studio). They're not just Uncharted copies and Foxtrot definetely doesn't know how important TR was for 3D gaming and how important it was for the action adventure genre.

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spicelicka851d ago (Edited 851d ago )

To be fair, ROTR played differently than Uncharted. On the surface it looks practically the same, with QTE's, platforming, and cinematic gameplay. But it has many things not featured in Uncharted, like hunting, crafting, customizing weapons, executions, blood and gore, unlocking skills, inventory management, optional Tombs, side quests, and explore-able environments. It plays more like a linear RPG than a cinematic action game. It also reminded me a lot of Far cry.

I don't see why it has to go back to its "former self" when it's a reboot and its former games are generations old in gameplay, story wise I do agree. The only thing i do wish though is they kept their supernatural theme, with monsters, and dinosaurs. At the end of the day, they're much more different than they look, both great games so i don't see the problem.