Shoulda Been a Vita Game - Infamous

Check out our mini series about the PS Vita! We think A LOT of games should have come to the handheld. This episode we talk about Infamous for the PlayStation 3." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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pyroado822d ago

Ohhh i would have definitely bought a vita for the old infamous games

822d ago
robtion822d ago

There is no way Infamous would run on the Vita. I have a vita and have had lots of fun on it but it has trouble running high end ps2 games. The original Infamous is awesome though.

822d ago
Protagonist822d ago

So you are saying that an exclusive PS Vita version of infamous would not run on the Vita? Guess you are right, I do not see Uncharted, Killzone, Gravity Rush and NFS Most Wanted run either.

Kurt Russell822d ago

I Would have enjoyed Infamous on mine. I am not a fan of JRPGs so struggle to find things outside of indies to play.

822d ago
Kurt Russell822d ago

Good call, I didn't know there was a vita version.

Junebug822d ago

It was stealth released that is why and there is also Civilization 2 plus game on the PSN vita store too! :-)

ONESHOTV2822d ago

us vita owners can't have anything nice unless the bigger console gets a bite out of it first i hope sony dont create another handheld it would just pissed me of more knowing what they would do to it again

822d ago
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