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Grand Theft Auto Helps Preteen Rescue Family From Crashed Car

Kotaku writes: "While we've seen countless story regarding children using Grand Theft Auto as their inspiration to do wrong, it's extremely rare that we see news about GTA being cited as a cause for good. It happened on August 27th around 9pm, as the Norris family of five was heading to Diamond, Illinois to visit relatives. Their 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee swerved off the road, hitting a guardrail and flipping four times before coming to a stop, caving in the roof and smashing out the back window. With her mother hanging upside down and her father pinned against the steering wheel, 11-year-old Audrey Plique climbed out of the back window and helped her parents and two younger siblings escape the car. The motivation for her heroic act, according to her mother Karen Norris?

'She just knew, from playing 'Grand Theft Auto.' She saw on there that when a car rolls over, it can blow up. She knew that could happen to us'" (Culture, Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto IV, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, PS2, PS3, Xbox 360)

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PoSTedUP  +   2296d ago
take that jack tomson
but yea knowing that a car blows up when flipped from playing gta gave the kid adrenalin knowing that that could happen to her family so yea i say that gta played a positive role right there.
sonarus  +   2296d ago
HAHAHA wow. This has to be the funniest video game related accident i have read since ever. Who knew GTA could do that
ape007  +   2296d ago
Dark SeRaNADE  +   2296d ago
Suck it Thompson!

very admirable thing this kid did, most impressive...
I_am_a_gangsta  +   2296d ago
She probably played the game on the 360. 360 fans actually go out side and help people unlike fat droids who just sit there and EATTTTT.
The_Firestarter  +   2296d ago
That truly was a sweet little story. It sure did put me in a good mood. I'm glad everything worked out fine and nobody got seriously injured or killed.
Megatron08  +   2296d ago
Ya I agree. To bad they'll never run a postive story about games in the news like this one
InfiniteUnfloppery  +   2296d ago
The superior Playstation 3 Version of Grand Theft Auto 4 has saved the lives of a beautiful American Family:

This Is Living.
jack who  +   2296d ago
u owe me a soda &%%%$

anyways about time vidoe game start saveing ppl
Lord Shuhei Yoshida  +   2296d ago
Yes it has Infinte Unfloppery,the PS3 saves lives while the 360 burns down homes and takes lives.I am confident that the 360 is responsible for the car going up in flames in the first place,but the family did'nt want to admit that they had a 360 in the car knowing how much shame they would suffer if the public found out.
Fishy Fingers  +   2296d ago
Hahaha funny stuff because honestly you've never seen it happen on TV or in the movies, hell if your parents we're hanging upside down in a totaled vehicle after a major road accident and you were the only one able to escape you'd just leave them there wouldn't you, you wouldnt think to help them.

Thank god for GTA.....

Seriously though, brave girl and a great heroic act. Good on her, but nothing to do with GTA.
I LOVE my xbox  +   2296d ago
Good job to the girl for saving the family, but A) I don't think you need GTA to know to help your family when they're in danger. And B) Cars don't usually blow up if they're flipped upside down. They don't even blow up if you shoot the gas tank. So major fail for that.
Salvadore  +   2296d ago
GTA or not, I applaud the kid for her heroic act.
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sleepyk  +   2296d ago
take that jack thompson you d!ck
GTA can help people in a positive way.
uie4rhig  +   2296d ago
but like.. it wasn't because of GTA
She's the daughter of Chuck Norris.. it's like her mother is called Karen Norris!! Chuck Norris's Wife!!!
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2296d ago
Good job, kid!

Also, good job Rockstar...on the whole accuracy thing.
jay2  +   2296d ago
Very nice stuff, well done Audrey
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Droid  +   2296d ago
did someone say preteen?
Alcohog  +   2296d ago
"She saw on there that when a car rolls over, it can blow up"

Using this logic, I bet this girl is extremely careful around barrels.
Siesser  +   2296d ago
well done on the child's part, but if this isn't a beacon of light in the direction of leaving the retailers and developers alone and getting on the parents for letting or not caring if their kids play these games...
PS3Freak  +   2296d ago
Hate me for saying this, but technically these people shouldn't have been saved(at least by the kid). 11 year olds shouldn't play GTA.
Timesplitter14  +   2296d ago
YOU shouldn't be a parent because apparently you are among those who are trying to get rid of their responsibilities by blaming violent behaviours on videogames and movies.

I spent my childhood watching R-rated movies and playing 17+ games ever since I'm 7 years old. Now, at 19, I never drink alcohol (and still have as much fun as the others), never smoke, I'm 100% against war and I never went to a single detention or whatever school punishment there could be. And I'm going to university next year.

Man... I've become such a monster...
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Killjoy3000  +   2296d ago
Timesplitter14  +   2296d ago

haaaaaaaaaaaa........ '_'

That joke is only 2008 years old. That's not so bad
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Dill-Schil  +   2296d ago
wow one good story from gta well id like to see someone try to sue rockstar after that
Dill-Schil  +   2296d ago
and wait a minute what the hell is an 11 year old playin gta! bad parents i say sue them! lol
AhmeenMachine  +   2296d ago
Well now GTA has an excuse to be a family oriented game now hah hah.
AhmeenMachine  +   2296d ago
I just want to know hwat would happen if the car really did blow up...
MizzRock  +   2296d ago

and the kid of course...
Slinger420  +   2296d ago
If this was a negative story like her killing someone and quoting GTA they would be all over the issue of how she got the game in the first place because 11 year olds shouldn't be playing that game. Ironic when it does good, age has no weight, what a country.
bunbun777  +   2296d ago
Freeze Mutha! Hands in the air...
We got a report that the word Irony was being used illegally, i think the word you may be looking for...*reaches down on ground and picks up word*...it's Hypocrisy!

Carry on citizen! *holsters thesaurus and drives off into the night*
Slinger420  +   2296d ago
no no moron, the irony is the age issue you halfwit turd for brains
Slinger420  +   2296d ago
A hypocrite tells a person not to do something that is deemed "WRONG" and they do that same thing.
dkgshiz  +   2296d ago
GTA never helped her out. What does climbing out from the back of the car have anything to do with GTA? It doesn't. Its just common sense. Not hating on GTA but this is pretty stupid.
xionpunk  +   2296d ago
What I learned from GTA4:
1 nobody really questions it if you have blood all over your hood.
2 I dont need a license to fly a helicopter.
3 contrary to popular belief, hookers do not give you std's
4 when a crazy maniac randomly opens fire on your car, its okay to
bail out and leave your family/friends behind.
5 drunk driving can be fun!
oh yeah... and flying head first through a wind shield isn't so bad.

Oh gawd I hope JT isn't here...
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Timesplitter14  +   2296d ago
The other day, I was in the middle of the street and there was a car coming straight at me! So I ran to move out of the way! I saw people running in videogames so I did the same! They saved my life!


But seriously... it probably has as much to do with the game as those violent acts shown in the media. Which means it has almost nothing to do with it. And besides, cars don't just explode like that.

I don't wanna sound like Jack Thompson 2. It's just that I think videogames don't influence kids' behaviour, wether it's good or bad.

They can inform, yes, and they can also uninform. But I don't think they will motivate bad or good acts. Those things come from your own will.
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Dogswithguns  +   2296d ago
Great job kids.....now who said GTA's a bad game?

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