Final Fantasy XV’s European Box Art Confirmed Identical to North America; Reversible Cover Revealed

With the reveal of Final Fantasy XV‘s North American box art, many wondered whether the European one would be the same, or would come with a different design, maybe more similar to the Japanese artwork.

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-Foxtrot765d ago (Edited 765d ago )


Why do they have to change something which isn't broken. Final Fantasy XV including the logo with a white background

That's it, that's all they had do it. I mean sure there is a reversible cover but maybe the new art should have been the reversible cover instead. Just like the Dooms reversible cover should have been the main one in the end. At the end of the day it's not a white background it's black.

Honestly it's what everyone is saying on Twitter "Where's the White background one?" ha.

Much better for the front art

FullmetalRoyale765d ago (Edited 765d ago )

We both already knew what direction they chose to go in with the box art. I'm not sure why you are feigning surprise, when I saw you being very vocal about it in the first place. :P
I totally agree with the people that prefer the logo and plain background, and I also like the one you linked better than the one they chose. It's really not a big deal, considering all I see on my shelf is the spine. Kinda hard to mess that up, though I've seen it done! haha

-Foxtrot765d ago

Well it's mostly because America has a had a history of having the odd different box here and there for these games....however with Europe they've always just had the white background and logo. So now that it's confirmed we are getting the same cluttered box art it's just more real I guess.

It's not a big deal true, but these are such small decisions to make and get right at these companies and they still get it wrong.

FullmetalRoyale765d ago (Edited 765d ago )

It is baffling how tone deaf these companies can be sometimes. I'm not gonna lie and pretend like I'm not a sucker for nostalgia, so if you give me something that looks like what I think FF should be, I like it. I'm so disappointed that 'I am Setsuna' won't be releasing on vita, here, but will still get it on PS4. Bravely Default I bought day one because I wanted something closer to what I see FF as.
It is hilarious(and I think you agree) how they fudge up the box art. I don't think it's awful, but considering how different this game it, they could have played to their base a little bit!

*I apparently do no have the patience required to proofread!! XD

-Foxtrot765d ago

I think it just annoys me more because they are making it look more and more different, giving it this spin off feel when it's a main FF game now. It's like "Guys you changed this from Versus to FF15 remember".

Imagine if you are a collector and have every main FF game. It's going to be...

White, White, White, White, White, White, White, White, White, White, White, White, White, White, WTF? *flips sleeve over*...BLACK?

FullmetalRoyale765d ago (Edited 765d ago )

I collected Dragon Ball(and Z) VHS tapes for a good, long while. So, I definitely can understand how I'd feel if they had suddenly made the tapes not match up. I actually order my games on my shelf so that their color pattern looks "right." Sometimes when I get a new release, I spend wayyyy too much time reordering them on my rack. If the colors/fonts don't blend well, it just bugs me. While we don't exactly align, I think we get what the other is feeling. It just sucks! ;)
I know you are a big supporter of steel books, is there an affordable one for this game?

-Foxtrot765d ago

Well here's the sad thing about the Steelbook situation.

I'm getting the big collectors edition which is like £180 because it's a game which has been in the making for 10 years, I want to risk it and go all out for it. However the Steelbook inside this is pretty bland and straight forward, however since you get TWO steelbooks they both match. Each side of a Steelbook has a character on it, so with their being four sides in total and four characters it works out quite well.


The lower edition has a fantastic Steelbook featuring artwork by Yoshitaka Amano, the same kind of artwork used on the FF Type-0 steelbook and the FFX HD one.

See what I I'm a little screwed here....UNLESS I buy the lower edition one separate after release

Harkins1721765d ago

The logo yes but not the road.

FullmetalRoyale765d ago

I know man, FF totally tugs at my heartstrings, and until(after) thirteen I bought into it. When I saw the teaser trailer for XV , I was SOOOO into Kingdom Hearts(even though I didn't like KH2 nearly as much as one), I didn't care about the world size/the story structure/the battle system... I only wanted something that captured the magic of my first experiences of FF...
Admittedly that "lower edition" is baller. ;) You are definitely between a rock, and a hard place. Money not being an option, I would have bought the same edition as you, for whatever that is worth. We both definitely love Final Fantasy, and I just want to get lost in that world again(I think you know what I mean.) I think my problem is that I feel like I am romanticizing with someone that is no longer interested in me.
I'm sorry for the belated reply, as it is taking me way longer than anticipated to articulate my thoughts in my current state.

Eiyuuou765d ago

I think black suits the game better.

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link2Dpast765d ago

My only knowledge of this game was the demo they put up in the psn store and I was easily turned off, something just didn't click with me. But sweet zombie Jesus I recently been seeing random clips and they have one with a summon throwing a stone the size of a damn mountain and I was blown away. This will probably be the first final fantasy I get since part 10

KainYago758d ago

i came here to see idiot people bitching about the NA cover because its different XD except ff13 every ff had different NA cover so dont cry lol