Five video game studios that shut down this year

"The developer of the Disney Infinity games, Avalanche Software, was acquired by Disney in 2005 to make new games for the Nintendo consoles. In May of this year, Disney announced that it would be closing the studio and stop publishing games. Disney games will now be published as licensed products only."

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C-H-E-F890d ago

Dude... looking at Driveclub.. I need a REAL racing game man :(... I miss the games like Juiced, Street Racing Syndicate, Tokyo Extreme Racer Zero, Need For Speed Underground, Midnight Club LA..... LIKE SHEEESH can we get a REAL RACING GAME!!!! These Sims are so dull when it comes to customization...

Gearsofwar_xbox890d ago

One coming out soon which is called forza horizon 3

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA890d ago (Edited 890d ago )

Picking forza h3 up on pc day 1 based in Aus gonna be epic

But the real driving simulators to me are the Gran turismo franchise

But both these games need a steering wheel to play them to the full potential.

C-H-E-F890d ago (Edited 890d ago )

I don't own an xbox one (Playstation owner), I did play one of the forzas on the Xbox 360 though. It was pretty good, I liked the fact that I could swap my drivetrain and make my civic a 4wd monster haha. If Forza Horizon 3 goes to windows/mac I may just have to pick it up because I'm itching. Currently i'm playing Street Legal Racing Redline on PC Modded to the max for my tuner fix :(.

Cindy-rella890d ago (Edited 890d ago )

I didnt see microsoft xbox on the list.


Although it is correct, but technically kojima production didnt shut down at all.

bradleejones890d ago

Evolution shutting down was a sin. Unfortunately they flopped the launch of Drive club. Turned out to be pretty good, but they launched an incomplete game. Motor storm was awesome. WRC series was pretty good. Sad to see them go.

LucasRuinedChildhood890d ago

Well fortunately, Codemasters took them in. I hope they're not made to exclusively make sim racers, and still get to make arcade racers like Motorstorm.

LucasRuinedChildhood890d ago

The studios that made Pure, Split/Second, Motorstorm, Metal Gear Solid and Driveclub are dead (or purged for Kojima Productions). Jesus Christ. The gaming industry is losing so much of its individuality and game diversity by the day, that it's actually getting ridiculous.