Which of the Xbox Ultimate Game Sale bargains should you pick up?

Neil writes "The Xbox Ultimate Game Sale is here for another year and it brings discounts to a huge number of Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles. But which of the sale items that have been included in the Ultimate Game Sale should you be picking up without hesitation? And which should you be leaving well alone? We delve deep and let you know!"

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oKidUKo623d ago

FIFA 16 price is an utter joke.

Nolando623d ago

fifa 16 when i checked this morning was only $16 bucks... so not bad imo...

FunkyGoron623d ago

Should put (UK) in title.

brokasfawk623d ago

I came out of this sale with 4 games

I have no problem buying games
My problem is finishing them

Mighty Boom623d ago

Quitting is a mindset that repeats itself in all areas of life. Finish what you start, no matter how big or small the task.

yeahright2623d ago

Oh quiet with that motivational BS. Here's a list of reasons why you shouldn't have replied with that.
1. maybe he doesn't have the time but has the money.
2. maybe he doesn't like some of the games he ends up buying.
3. maybe... *yawn*. I'm tired of this list. I think I'm going to quit filling it out now.

stiggs623d ago

@Mighty Boom

Do you happen to have a poster featuring a cat clinging to a pole inscribed with the phase "Hang In There" on your bedroom wall?

I bet that you do.

Sirk7x623d ago

I hear you man. These days a game has to be truly special for me to want to finish it. I work fifty hours a week, and there's too much for me to play for me to want to sink so much time into one experience. I'll play five different games a night in small blocks.

brokasfawk623d ago

I'm the same way, that's what I love about digital downloads.. Stop one game then instantly jump into another without leaving the couch.
I get about 4 hours on weekends and that's it.
Family, kids and 70 hrs at work limit my play time

Mighty Boom623d ago


Stop complaining. Finish what you start.

christocolus623d ago

It depends on your interest. I bought Witcher 3, Ryse, Oxenfree, Unravel, Evil Within and Metro Redux Bundle.

Cweed623d ago

I'm annoyed quantum break isn't cheaper than it is on pc.

yeahright2623d ago

And that's literally the only game I'm interested in picking up, just not at that price.

Nolando623d ago

amazon has the xbox one version for 34 dollars... only problem its the physical edition not straight download. but still beats the Xbox sale by 10 bucks

Walter_Official623d ago

Ridiculously over priced for its length; $30 dollars at most.

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The story is too old to be commented.