Final Fantasy XIII For PSP Is Way, *Way* Off

Kotaku writes: "Square Enix announced it would be bringing Final Fantasy XIII Agito to the PSP in August, sparing fans of the series much mobile platform kvetching. And while Square Enix character designer Tetsuya Nomura says that the title is currently running on PSP hardware and spitting out new screen shots, don't expect it any time soon."

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Omegasyde3703d ago

Multiply by 9 - 2 X 4 which in laments terms is:
2015, right after Final Fantasy 7: Derge Cerbus 2 and
Kingdom Hearts 4: Hannah Montana strikes back.

rhood0223703d ago

Is a story about Final Fantasy XIII's release being "way, way off," regardless of platform, still considered news?

That's like printing a story that proclaims "The sun rises."

AAACE53703d ago

This article is more of an update for those who are interested in the game and are awaiting it's release!

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