Battle Chasers: Nightwar Preview - The Best Chrono Trigger Inspired RPG Yet | COG

COG writes - Famed comic artist and writer Joe Madureira brings his celebrated (and unfinished) Battle Chasers comic to life in Battle Chasers: Nightwar.

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Blu3_Berry890d ago

Game looks sooooooo good. I love the art style and direction of it. Great turned base combat is great too. The only thing I am hoping is that it will have a traditional campaign without procedurally generated levels. I prefer to have an idea of the level created.

Also, the closest thing to this currently is I Am Setsuna and that's coming out in 2 weeks. That game also looks incredible and I already got it pre-ordered.

Digital_Anomaly890d ago

To my understanding the dungeons are randomly generated with each dungeon having 5 or more difficulty levels should you want to keep tackling them.

What I know for sure is that I'm hell of pumped to get my hands on this when it releases. I was a bit dumbstruck meeting Joe Madureira when I saw the game so admittedly some of what I saw got blurred over a bit. That being said, I did walk away with a really cool signed canvas from the man as well. Made my whole day!

Tres21890d ago

What Battle Chasers, wow thank you for this. I was just looking at the comics the other day wishing they would restart the run and this is just as good.

Digital_Anomaly890d ago

As part of the backer program you can actually get your hands on a digital copy of the unreleased issue #10. I'm pretty sure that part of the plan involves a few more issues of the comic, to be honest!

Tres21887d ago

Yea i saw that i wanna start up a gofundme so i can put down 10,000 and work with Joe on

KentBenMei889d ago

Seems good but let's not even name it with Chrono Trigger in the same sentence...