PSXExtreme Preview: Rise of the Argonauts

PSXExtreme writes: "If you're a fan of mythology, you're probably wondering to yourself: "why aren't there more video games based on the ancient Greek Gods of power and wonder? Don't they lend themselves perfectly to video game context and concept?" The answer to that is a resounding "yes," of course, but for some reason, while many game theories are indeed based on one form of mythology or another, we rarely have a high-profile title centered directly on the primary players that frequent the always entertaining tales of mythology. Kratos is a new creation, despite the atmosphere, for example. Therefore, Codemasters has decided to step up and introduce us to Rise of the Argonauts, featuring the legendary Jason and his band of traveling heroes in their ceaseless quest to secure the Golden Fleece. This one is an action/RPG – potentially of the highest order – that may give us a truly unique next-gen experience. Provided they get the mechanics right, it could be a very worthy adventure."

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Killjoy30003674d ago

This title looked pretty promising in the Game Informer cover story published some time ago. Hopefully, it will deliver even if I don't plan on tackling a purchase.