PSP-3000 More Expensive in Europe

PSP World Writes:

"Sony has revealed pricing for the PSP-3000 model in European and Japanese territories. But in a move that has us scratching our heads here at PSP World, Sony will be pricing the newer model slightly higher than the existing hardware that it is intended to replace. In Japan, the PSP-3000 will launch on October 16 for the price of 19,800 yen ($180 USD). In Britain, the new model will cost £149 ($263 USD), which is about 15$ higher than the slim and lite version."

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clinker3674d ago

I thought gaming systems were supposed to get cheaper, not MORE expensive.

Omegasyde3674d ago

Its bundeled with movie and game, Unfortunately.

HipHopGamerShowFan3674d ago

This kind of things happens all over the world.

Nothing new.

caffman3674d ago

it does seem that the UK get screwed big time all the time. The PS3 at launch here was £425 ($807)!

Good try at spin though

kspraydad3674d ago

EU is one of the territories where the MIC comes in is now built in SAVING you the cost of purchasing the MIC separately.

As well...hasn't the pound depreciated against the YEN about 10% in the last year? Time to set a new price no?

Strife Lives3674d ago

So. .I take it North America,a.k.a the U. S of A isnt in the middle of an economic recession?

kspraydad3674d ago

need to price for demand...the 3000 doesn't add a feature (MIC) that is in high demand in the US so demanding a higher price is difficult.

As well, when you are trailing badly in a market such as the US you have pressure to lower not raise prices (see $$ drops for Xbox in EU and JAP being greater than that in the US).

caffman3674d ago

either I'll get one while I'm in the states or buy an old one, put my eyepatch on and get my parrot, and flash it!

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