1UP: Penny Arcade Adventures: Episode 2 Preview

Derry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, the men behind online comic Penny Arcade have somehow transformed a strip about video games into a massive convention, a noble charity, and ultimately even their very own video game. Developed by Hothead, On The Rain Slick Precipice of Darkness made its debut earlier this year as an episodic downloadable adventure-slash-RPG and arrived to strong sales and positive reviews -- even from reviewers whose work the duo had excoriated on their site.

But of course, the secret to episodic content (unless you're Valve) is consistency and frequency, so fans of the first chapter will be happy to know that the second part is nearly finished -- Holkins is brushing up the last few in-game conversations (a more daunting task than one might think due to the branching, interrelated dialogue trees), while Hothead's work is effectively finished but for placing those final snippets of text.

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