1UP: Silent Hill: Homecoming Preview

From the very start, Silent Hill: Homecoming attempts to set a mood and tone that most fans of the series have come to appreciate and expect. Indeed, in the first moments, the game's lead character, Army veteran Alex Shepherd, is shown strapped to a gurney as he's carted through the hallway of a seriously messed-up hospital whose doctors -- if you can call them that -- double as butchers, hacking away at (and performing unnecessary surgery on) patients screaming in agony. Left at the end of a hallway unattended, Alex manages to escape from his bonds just before witnessing one of these docs meet a gruesome end just outside the door.

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beavis4play3754d ago

watching the trailer; i was getting an all too familiar "been there-done that" feeling about this game. it appears to be more of the same silent hill action. this isn't necessarily bad; but, when you've played them all.....another formulaic SH may come off as average at best.