Chrome can't load Google's own services

First tests of Google's "faster, safer" browser have uncovered embarrassing glitches, which prevent some of the company's own services from loading.

Gmail, IGoogle and Google Docs all failed to lunch in the Google Chrome browser today, after Google apparently rushed its launch in the wake of a PR Blunder.

The free browser has been made available in a "public trial" version following a premature press release yesterday on the new service, which came in comic book form.

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MAR-TYR-DOM3674d ago

"Why do we fall?
so we can pick ourselves back up again"


verb3k3673d ago

Firefox FTW!
Adblock Plus FTW!

JohnnyMann4203674d ago

Is this regional because here in the US, I can run GMAIL and iGoogle... Youtube...

Anyways all I am saying is it's working for me.

falviousuk3673d ago

Gmail, google docs, google maps all been working for me in chrome in the UK. so not sure what this is about

Killjoy30003674d ago

What?! This is preposterous!! I demand to speak with the authorities!!

kspraydad3673d ago

perfectly fine on all those services.

One G service I found though with a problem is they don't have the Google Earth Plugin API working yet.

(posted w/ CHROME)

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The story is too old to be commented.