New Left 4 Dead Mod 2 Replaces Grafitti With Jaden Smith Quotes

Finally, the collective prayers of fans have been answered, as Left 4 Dead 2 gets the Jaden Smith quotes it was missing. Namaste.

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-Foxtrot628d ago

"Daddy I'm talentless and can't be bothered to climb to the top starting from the bottom with nothing like you did...make me popular"

Is that one of them?

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-Ikon-627d ago (Edited 627d ago )

Why do people always hate on others? Its not easy being born and raised under your dads big shadow.. Especially if your dad is will smith.. Obviously charisma doesnt carry over to your children but honestly how many teens have the charisma of Will Smith anyways?

Give the kid a fucking break, I actually thought he was good in karate kid..

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Summons75627d ago

He was good in karate kid...

Please go rethink your life, only reason he gets any acting jobs is because daddy has the connections and money to get him those roles. He can't act at all. The kid has something wrong with his head or he is extremely desperate for attention.

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The story is too old to be commented.