How to Claim your very own Joy Ride Turbo Xbox Code

Andrew Writes:

"Who doesn’t enjoy a free game, right? Well how would you like a Xbox code for Joy Ride Turbo, which I hear is playable on the Xbox One as well all thanks to Backwards Compatibility! Well seems someone has figure out how to do so via a recent Wal-Mart promotion."

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H2OAcidic693d ago

Enjoy! Plus side you can play on Xbox 360 or Xbox One.

christocolus693d ago (Edited 693d ago )

I've been trying to get a code myself but i think there's a problem with my browser. could you help me get a spare code by any chance?

christocolus693d ago

Thanks a lot bro. I just redeemed the code. You are a BOSS.

nick309692d ago

Ive also tried and it keeps telling me that some info is missing, is there a chance for a pm of a code please?

H2OAcidic692d ago

Nick309 I've had the same thing, but just make sure you go over and change the X's to numbers, the time and the email and etc and then the not a robot puzzle.

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fuzzyinthepants692d ago

only took about 2 minutes of playing around with the XXX random numbers and got it, thanks

mark_parch692d ago

this is actually a really good game

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