13 BADASS Spore Creatures that Aren't Penises

SlobsofGaming writes, "I don't know about you jokers, but the whole penis craze in Spore got old pretty damn quick. Then I started looking at Spore's various 'boobie creature' videos and came across even better stuff! If you want to see some wicked-as-sh*t Spore Creatures, look no further than this list of the top 13 BADASS creatures that aren't just huge meat-hoses attached to testicle sacks!"

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pcgia3727d ago

haha those are aweomse

LeonSKennedy4Life3727d ago

and they NAIL the Harvey Birdman reference...

...very impressive.

Barreldragon003727d ago

Ha ha
The best one is " The Thing" head.

LeonSKennedy4Life3727d ago

So, he quotes a character that STEPHEN COLBERT voices on Harvey Birdman and you make no mention of it???!!!

You are not a real man. I bet you cry too.

Barreldragon003726d ago

Stephen Colbert is awesome and i know he's in harvey birdman its just i don't happen to watch birdman that often. and i wasn't even reading what the guy was saying just looking at the Creatures people made. You need to just calm down man.