Super-Sizing your PS3 – "It's a piece of piss!"- Gameplayer Guide

We recently saw a 'deal' from EB Games offering a shiny new 80GB PS3 if you give them your old PS3, PLUS four PS3 games AND $199 for the privilege. Hello complete and utter rip off!!!

So, flick EB the bird, follow this simple guide and you can absolutely super-size your hard drive – to much greater capacity than a still paltry 80GB – for less than the price of a new game!

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rroded3703d ago

grab your ankles n line right up...

sheesh these guys have no class besides anyone with a brain would just buy their ps3 a new hd.

AAACE53702d ago

That deal makes it seem like EB games thinks the Ps3 is worthless... When in fact it is has way more value than that!

Crap deal! People don't fall for this trick!

sumfood4u3702d ago

Any other PS3 owner will get screwed in the process. EB Games needs to offer free Vasiline to all willing customers, minus Video Taping them at the Register!

BlackTar1873702d ago

if you have a old 20g the best thing to do is upgrdae the HD and you still keep your BC

i got a 160Gb for $60 thru amazon its a Western digital.

Liquid Dust3702d ago

Agree with ya on that one, Amazon is a great place to find a HDD, got me a 120gb Toshiba for 40bucks to replace my 40gb, got it super quick, and super easy install.

I love Sony, now keep the games comin

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theusedfake3703d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

I wonder how many poor fools actually went with this "deal".
I'm surprised that they didn't ask for your soul as well.

Omegasyde3702d ago

Unfortunately I see 99% of the victims are going to be parents around Christmas time.


LastDance3702d ago

i feel really bad for any1 who does this deal. for a fraction of the price they could get a 500gig drive with the same stuff as an 80 gig

Marceles3702d ago

I feel bad for someone who does this deal with a 60gb

ZombieButcher3702d ago

feel sorry for anyone dumb enough or too lazy to swipe out there HDD for a bigger one. If you are smart enough to be able to read your user manual then you too can do this. But alas there are the misinformed out there.

dericb113702d ago

Sorry but some parents are fairly new and don't know to much about game consoles they buy for theyre kids.

zo6_lover273702d ago

Its the deal of a lifetime, better use it while it lasts

Dyingduck3702d ago

Typical retarded Xbots...

Anyway, "We picked up a rather whopperous 250GB of Western Digital-branded storage for a measly $86."

LOL Crapbox360 gets their 120GB for 180 sad...

3702d ago
Kenny_Roger3702d ago

poor guys I got the biggest one lol

look to my avatar for more details

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The story is too old to be commented.