New LittleBigPlanet Level Could Make You Poop Your Pants

GameXtract writes "It's official! LittleBigPlanet is not the casual interactive friendly game we all thought it would be. Of course those levels will exist, but we have confirmation of a new level that will turn your fun happy go lucky adventure into a survival of the fittest match making you care less about what your friends are doing. The video below shows off a level known as Skulldozer, and just by reading the title you can imagine what kind of havoc Sackboy has got himself into. This level is dark, gloomy and worst of all this trailing LittleBigPlanet boss wants you DEAD! Take a look after the jump at what you could be getting yourself into this October 21st."

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CrippleH3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

Cool a dark level.

Never thought of that.

Is that a Helghast Sackboy or another costume?

jwatt3728d ago

Yea it's good to see some Darkside of LBP but there is probably going to be all kinds of theme levels based on where they are located on the planet. Maybe an Egyption themed level in Egypt.

chaosatom3728d ago

But the Boss is HElla sick.

Lionsguard3728d ago

You could make the level pitch black if you'd like too. I just hope they give us lots of cool lighting options and objects like the stars.

Omegasyde3728d ago

THe lady was playing as Bat-sack (batman).

xhairs93728d ago

I could barely see the video, but awesome. Teamwork at its finest!

popup3727d ago

Funny you should say about the lighting.

mercyless93727d ago

Cool Level : Yes

Makes You Poop In Pants : No

Bits-N-Kibbles3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

Awesome Link Man + Bubbles

I can see things like other games or movies that will come out and people will just make a LBP level based on a movie or game that they saw and you could get like a whole section of movie-based levels or other game based levels.... that would be badass!

For example: Each scene of the old Indiana Jones' or maybe scenes from Lord of the Rings.

Or maybe make a LBP level based off of a boss say from GOW or Shadow of the Collossus...

Can't wait for this, lots of time will be wasted on this game, everyone pray I pass the LEED AP exam this winter! HAHAHA

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Lets-Game3728d ago

this gonna get hot quick.

Cajun Chicken3728d ago

This reminds me of Crash Bandicoot boulder chase levels mixed with Metal Slug scrolling bosses.

Silogon3728d ago

Pretty slick, my only complain so far is we still don't know how far we can go with our own custome levels. What can we "really" do with them or in them? It's a must buy, hell I bought Mercs 2 out of bordem today, LBP isn't a question.

Blademask3728d ago

its safe to say you can do more of "ANYTHING" in LBP than you could in any previous console game ever.

Just food for thought.

There clearly have to be restrictions, but when its with all new innovations not sure if anyone is going to hit those walls anytime soon.

I just want to know if you can SCULPT objects. Like Zbrush/Mudbox.

Hububla3728d ago

Its already been stated that you get the EXACT same tools the developers get... so anything that is in the single player you can make urself... and more! with a little imagination

Silogon3728d ago

As in can we take pics using eyetoy, wrap those textures onto new objects in the game? Can we also create new objects and shapes? How about new characters? Height and stuff? These are the questions I really need or would like to know.

Too_Hyped3728d ago

@Silogon : yes you can do all that, but only with the PS eye.

Pain3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

"GiantEnemyCrab" Says:
September 2nd, 2008 at 8:24 pm
Looks like crap, sony wants to beat the all mighty 360 with kids games? please, the 360 doesn’t have a single kids game, it’s a hardcore hardware for hardcore mature gamers, you’ll never see a single kids game on it. Shame on sony

-spewing your hate there too huh crap?

Jealousy is a Bad medical condition go see a Doctor and get Bill's D!ck out of you a$$.

@sil yes to what u said.

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