VGC Review: Castle Crashers

VGC writes: "Castle Crashers is an exclusive Xbox Live Arcade game from The Behemoth, the makers of critically acclaimed Alien Hominid. Castle Crashers at its most basic is a side-scrolling beat 'em up, with RPG leveling elements thrown into the mix. There are a number of different modes in Castle Crashers, all of which can be played against the computer or other players, either locally or online.

The main mode in Castle Crashers is the campaign mode. Four princesses and a huge flying crystal have been kidnapped by a wizard and you have to rescue them. Mercifully that is all the story you are given, instead The Behemoth have laced the game with little jokes and a smattering of dry humour that make plot details not only unnecessary but also unwanted. You don't really want a detailed storyline with verbose dialogue boxes - it just wouldn't be in-keeping with the frenetic action the game involves."

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