The Escapist PAX 2008: Jumpgate Evolution Hands-On

The Escapist writes: "Preview builds are a tricky thing: when the finished product might very well end up a 15-20 hour long game, how well can you pass judgment when you get to spend 20, maybe 30 minutes with an unfinished and unpolished version ... if you're lucky! That statement holds doubly true when the game in question is an MMORPG, because a mere half an hour is barely scratching the surface of a scratch on the surface! Even so, there's no harm in trying, right?

At PAX '08, I spoke with Hermann Peterscheck, the Producer of NetDevil's upcoming MMO space shooter Jumpgate Evolution. Hermann showed me around some of the more advanced locales in the game before turning me loose in the demo build as a level 1 - sorry, "Rank" 1 - pilot with the Solrain faction."

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