Home Beta Invites To Go Out Weekly

On Thursday, August 28, 2008 Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) will begin an Expanded
PlayStation(R)Home Beta. SCEA will be adding users weekly (starting 8/28/08 ) and continue up to the
start of the Open PlayStation(R)Home Beta.

Besides new users, the Expanded PlayStation(R)Home Beta will include a new Home Central Plaza, and
other core spaces including a new Home Theatre, the existing Game Space and the Mall. At this time,
the Mall will only feature free items. More spaces are expected to be added throughout the course
of the Expanded PlayStation(R)Home Beta.

Please note, the Expanded PlayStation Home beta is by invitation only.

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solidsnakus3703d ago

heres an idea, why not just release the damn thing already. its version .98, its done, just release it!

pwnsause3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

because its not ready yet. you have a little brain. they have to see how much stress the servers can take.

chaosatom3703d ago

Servers will overload.

It just isn't how it works for something so big.

Sev3703d ago

The servers are having a hard time handling the influx of new users already.

The whole PlayStation community at once would be a disaster... MGO style.

zo6_lover273703d ago

"SCEA will be adding users weekly (starting 8/28/08 ) and continue up to the start of the Open PlayStation(R)Home Beta."

When this is done, I say in a month(probably more), the open Beta will be released.

TapiocaMilkTea3703d ago

If it's a server problem, why do they have to increase it gradually? Can't they just spend some time/money on having a bigger server and then let everyone in all at once?

vegnadragon3703d ago


it may be true but it has been 2 year since they announced, don't you think that they was more than enough time to prevent that?

Wildarmsjecht3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

Theres a couple of reasons why they can't do that.

One, if they say spend a crapton of cash on a server that can allow 14 million users with no problem for the time being, they're not being really smart when more and more users buy PS3s and log onto Home, thus making them have to expand servers sooner than expected.

If they get the cash for a server that can withhold 100 million users, thats spending unneeded money for a service that might not have anywhere near that many users. of course doing it this way would be better for us, we have to understand that a company also needs to make viable choices in order to continue to roll out services and products.

pwnsause3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

they want this go smoothly. This is the most anticipated service that is coming to the PSN. Servers would just crash like crazy. thats like everyone logging in at the same time for a game of Resistance or MGO. they have to optimize the servers to make sure it takes millions of people at once without a problem.

Nitrowolf23703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

well they dont have everything set up yet either so wat would be the point of letting everyone in right now and plus it could cause a major crash. They probaly did get more servers btw. And plus wat games currently support HOME? i think btt they release HOME there will be some really good games that support it.

yesah3703d ago

YES! im going to keep my ps3 with the theme on from now on

season0073703d ago

once they get a good estimation, they know what they need to do since maybe at least 60-80% buyers are signing on for HOME and they know how much PS3 they ship each month...They can just add servers according to the shipment of PS3

pwnsause3703d ago

yes it may be true that Home was announced in 2007, and there were people in Home already throughout the beta, but there are things that can really be unexpected. trust me. I have been in the Home beta since last year. sometime during this year, we had a test for home and told everyone in the beta community to be there, and wow, did we find problems, one of them was server capacity. i'll just leave it at that cause i dont want to break any NDAs.

solidsnakus3703d ago

its not like everyone is gonna be in home 24 hours a day. the initial home launch is whats gonna crash the servers, once people use it for a week all the hype will die down and it will go unused for months till the next update. i think people are greatly over estimating the whole home application. you design your home,change your avatar, walk around and play some pool, and then what? how many times can you really continue doing that till you get bored? i think the whole home thing is really overrated, once you play it a couple times theres really no reason to even use it really. unless you like going into a 3d chat room type lobby and just texting with other people.

ATLRoAcH3703d ago

I got mad as hell when I didn't get the email. I'm better now. I totally overreacted. Thanks to this I know I can give my hopes up again.....and get mad.....again. This video shows how I reacted earlier. It's so funny. Credit to ParaDise_LosT for linking me to the vid.

Nitrowolf23703d ago

i can see where the first day would crash the servers or cause some problems and all but HOME will not be forgotten or anything like that.It will always be constantly used by many people, i know if it lives up to my epectation then i would be fine. I mean i would do allot of 3d chatting in there since you can walkaround and do things while your chatting without going into a game. And what about 3d trophies? im sure that will keep us entertain for along time when it comes out. and the theatre, if they show current movies that are out in real theatre then it will be used

Wildarmsjecht3703d ago

You don't know that. Some people might actually just use Home to chat, meet new people, play some pool, and use it thoroughly for game launches or video conferences for gaming events that certain companies will stream through it. It's a virtual world, think of it like an MMORPG without the grinding and leveling up..even though the trophies are like leveling up. More people use it, more people meet up, more friends can be made, rivals, clans, and epic battles. it has alot of possibilities, and thats why its something thats been hyped for as long as it has.

Omegasyde3703d ago

How are they going to make money first off?

oh my god, I finally figured how sony is going to make money.....


While you can.

cito35th3703d ago


waltercross3703d ago

It's not about spending a hunk of cash on a massive server.
Even if they did It'll still need to be tweaked, so this is
why they gradually invite more people and Tweak it as they go

If they Invite all of us the server may crash and be down along time, then you'll have angry people, even more so then now, they wont beable
to tweak it correctly.

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Lacky1233703d ago

I can live another day =D

Zydake3703d ago

I hope this thing is true

HipHopGamerShowFan3703d ago

I'll just wait for the full OPEN BETA to release. Which aint far from here :)

I_am_a_gangsta3703d ago

It will get dealyed.....AGAIN!

morganfell3703d ago

Woohoo, got my invite! I am traveling and will be home late Friday night. Can't wait to take it for a spin!

Nitrowolf23703d ago

no invite yet :(
i really hope i get in on i.
@1 just like the other two comment said, it most likely because sony wants to expand the beta slowly and test the servers and stuff. How would you like it if they released HOME and the servers crashed the 1st day? it would suck, and if HOME was ready to be released then i wouldnt like it at all. Why? well probaly because (im not 100% sure on this) but dont they still have somethings that still cant be used? like sharing with others? 3D trophies? Sony will know when it is finished (Hopefully it wont crash or anything the 1st day still) until i can wait (unless i get my invite).