Daily Joystick: The Last Guy Review

Forget that 'zombie survival' plan you have laid out. If The Last Guy is any indication, you will not need it. Simply stay indoors and wait for the nice man in blue tights and red cape to run past your building, and follow him to safety.

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Megaton3758d ago

I'm still debating whether or not to buy this. I liked the demo but I just don't know...

Scotracer3758d ago

I haven't touched my PS3 in weeks so when I get around to updating it I'll have loads of content to try. Any PSN game that gets 8.5/10 deserves a look!

dericb113758d ago

Well just remember they have a demo you can try for it.

Scotracer3758d ago

Thanks for the tip. I have been too busy to do any gaming lately so maybe when things cool down, I can finally finish MGS4 and play some crazy-ass games!