Injustice 2 Will Have a Long Tail of DLC and Support Like Mortal Kombat X

The good folks at NetherRealm Studios definitely seem to appreciate the idea of offering a long tail of support to their games, as they demonstrated with Mortal Kombat X.

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Majin-vegeta867d ago

Well looks like no buy until a year later or so.

robtion866d ago

'Support' huh? That's an interesting way to spin it. Sounds like the PR department has been hard at work on their creative marketing.

RosweeSon866d ago

Yeh I'll grab injustice 2XL/GOTY edition... Or ps+ version like I did with first one ;)

-Foxtrot867d ago

Oh boy

Good games have long gameplay and short DLC...not short/average gameplay and long DLC

Hoffmann866d ago

Won't buy it before the game is complete.

Hotabang866d ago

I like how the game was announced and straight away dlc was confirmed, ffs can they make a complete game and then think of dlc if necessary >_< thieves

B0bo866d ago

I agree, dlcs should be free

robtion866d ago

Full price game $60 US. 'Season Pass' $40 US.

I call Greed!

RosweeSon866d ago

It should and could be depends what it is tho. I think Burnout Paradise had the best DLC at the time and Red Dead was pretty good in fact that they had a lot of extra content for Free, they did charge for some on burnout in the end but by that point and the amount of free stuff they'd offered the price was minimal and worth every penny, GTA4 DLC puts most to shame, great amount of content and replay-ability and relatively cheap, none of this £9.99+ for 3 maps.
Or £39.99 for a season pass of maps that you'll only be able to play with season pass owners (minority) compared to the full game where the maps no doubt should have been included, Ubisoft and Assasins creed season passes are a joke. It all depends who's making them and what they offer for the price most seem to think an extra hour 2 tops is worth £10-15? No chance.

GrimmyReaper866d ago

You know who almost said the same thing?
The people from Evolve
And we all know how that turned out in the end

FFS can't you make a COMPLETE game first and DLC later IF it even sells well in the first place
Because I think this statement has dropped your bottom dollar now

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