IGN: Behind the Music of Viva Piñata: TiP

When the original Viva Piñata came out in 2006 for Xbox 360 it impressed critics with its endless charm, but high review scores failed to translate into significant sales. Those who did try the game, however, found themselves in a fascinatingly designed world with perhaps one of the finest game scores of all time.

Playing to perfection its role of supporting the colorful experience of Viva Piñata and even going a long way towards defining it, the music imparted a brilliantly serene mood to the game. And outside the game, the music was a sublime example of light classical music that could easily stand beside the best in that category. But despite its warm reception that included a British Academy award nomination for best original score, the music seemed headed for obscurity – until now, that is.

Developer Rare has been quietly working on a follow-up in the form of a new game that's scheduled for release on September 2nd for Xbox 360. Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise features a new story campaign, arctic and desert regions to go with the original tropical location for the first time, and many more updates and features as well. And best of all, composer Grant Kirkhope has returned with almost an hour's worth of new music to bring everything to life.

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