Capcom "not concerned" with Resident Evil 5 competition

Capcom just released their Q1 financial Q&A session. With all the highly anticipated games coming out within the next 6 months, investors were concerned with how well Resident Evil 5 would fare against the fierce competition. Capcom's response radiated confidence, replying that Resident Evil 5 had "strong brand power" and "a special game concept... that you can't find in any other games". They concluded, stating "Capcom is not all that concerned about competition".

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chaosatom3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

RE4 was like #1 game on the ps2. I never played a RE game before that.

Eventhough I don't like Capcom as a company, RE5 is one thing that I have high expectations from.

Rikitatsu3755d ago

The classic RE's were really diffreint, I personally prefer it over RE4... its much scarier and with better story.

Not saying RE4 is bad, but I still miss Classic RE's

From the information we got, it seems RE5 is going to be totally diffreint than any RE out there ... (Gears-like controls, Cover system) the hell ? I don't what are they thinking there at capcom, But without shinji mikami, I feel worried about this game.

barom3755d ago

I keep hearing that Dead Space is looking better than RE5. Everyone says RE5 is pretty much just an updated RE4 and that everything still feels the same and plays the same with no new features at all (except Co-Op). I continue to be worried over Capcom's games. I look at their lineup and not much seem interesting with RE5 being the one exception (and I guess to a somewhat degree SF4) and even with that I'm not even sure how excited I am.

I guess I'll have to wait and see.

Ozzyb3755d ago

I agree 100000%. I don't really consider this Resident Evil anymore. I still enjoy it, but it's nothing the same. I miss the days when RE was really scary and suspenseful. Not like now, when you can run REALLY fast and climb and jump.. It loses its edge. I certainly plan on playing "Resident Evil" 5 but it's certainly not the horror game it once was.

skagrerrrr3755d ago

I'm gonna get this game, first thing it comes out!

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Raoh3755d ago

i wish it would have gone back to the original days of suspense and horror.

i guess the closest thing out like that is Siren.

RE is starting to look more like your standard shooter with a zombie/mind controlled villian theme. It's on my gamefly rental que, not a must buy for me.

barom3755d ago

Silent Hill Homecoming is somewhat like that. Though I hear the game is kinda average. I would still check the reviews and wutnot though.

SixTwoTwo3755d ago

This game has a perfect release date for me. Its sandwiched between Killzone 2 and inFamous.

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