Rumor Killers: Ghostbusters cancelled, FF XIII demo charges, and Rockstar taking over Max Payne

TheGameReviews tackles current rumors: Ghostbusters cancelled, FF XIII demo charges, and Rockstar taking over Max Payne all investigated in today's edition.

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predator3703d ago

that would suck if they charge for the demo

cain1413703d ago

It's not that much different then taking it on to a game or preorder...

I wouldn't be surprized to see it happen...

Bombibomb3703d ago

Just buy Advent Children: Complete. It comes with the demo. Oh wait you don't have a PS3.

sumfood4u3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

Oh well you get what u pay for Right? As for me I'm buying it! & if U don't want to pay for a Demo no ones forcing you to just wait a little bit longer! Most Die Hard FF Fans like yours truly will buy the Demo cause i'm sure they will buy the Game as well. So their my Gist for the Day from the 3bubble Genius signing off!

thegamereviews3703d ago

Saw the trailer for the MP movie last night, it looks rad

picker3323703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

Well that would not be surprising.

I mean isn't the demon almost 2hours?

Well i guess they thought they could do the same thing as Gt5 demo or beta,Gt5 is a demo somehow right?

Wondering how much it will cost though.

If it's like gt5 30-40bux

then i don't think so!

KingDizzi3703d ago

SE know they can charge for it as the franchise is so big just like Polyphony Digital can charge people £20 for what can only be described as a glorified demo. (Yeah the prologue has more content then most full retail games but compared to GT5, it really is a demo which we are paying for, PDF are getting money and making us pay for basically beta testing the game)

spectyre3703d ago

I am not a big fan of racing games but alot of people are obsessed w/GT. If people are willing to pay, someone is willing to sell. I agree with your complaint about Polyphony but who can blame them if so many people are willing to give their money away. I would not pay for a FFXIII demo even though FF is my favorite series. But Square/Enix knows that a lot of people will pay, and their right.

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The story is too old to be commented.