Google Chrome vs Firefox Speed Test

With the release of Google's new web browser called Google Chrome, FnaticTV got a chance to compare the browser speeds for Chrome and Firefox. Here is the video. The left laptop is using Firefox, the right using Google Chrome. Both laptops have similar specs.

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pharmd3672d ago

i think its great for an early beta... very successful but i think it will take some fine tuning before i switch completely from Firefox to Chrome, but i like it more than i've liked any other browser other than FF

power of Competence3671d ago

Can't wait till they start adding more features to this browser, its amazing for a first beta.

sonarus3671d ago

i don't know about the laptops having similar specs. One laptop had a noticable brighter lcd screen. Which could also mean one laptop was running on battery power. (coincidentally firefox). This would reduce the processing power and could make all things run slower

Long story short, i am not convinced

Adamalicious3671d ago

I was testing it out to day on the web-based apps that I design at my job. It's stinking fast. The other guys on my team were checking it out as well and had the same reaction. Safari is the only browser that competes as far as rendering speed because they are both running on WebKit.

verb3k3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

You can't compare 2 browsers on 2 different machines, probably one of them is ridden and minced and the other is clean. Not to mention the hardware specs. Firefox might win if they switch rigs.

zo6_lover273671d ago

Just use Chrome, it IS a LOT faster than Firefox, but like I said before it doesn't have the features and add on's to make the switch worth my while.

meepmoopmeep3671d ago

give it time, it's in beta and FF is on its 3rd release already.

the open source peeps will be all over this soon enough

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VictorCreed3671d ago

hmm seems pretty good, but ive heard other ppl say its pretty slow so im not sure. I'll probably try it out sometime but right now im stickinf to FF 3.0

Boldy3671d ago

From what I have used it seems like the same speed as FF of course I didn't use a side by side comparison but I like Chrome more so I think Chrome will soon be my main browser. From these tests there's quite a large difference of course I'm not sure if it could vary from computer to computer.

Striderhoang3671d ago

Not a very scientific looking test, but results are results.

Firefox does retain my extensions though, like google reader watcher and stumble, so as of now, I'm only using Chrome for kicks as a google fan. I'll definitely switch if Chrome can import my old extensions like it did with my bookmarks and tags.

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