How Many Delays Are Too Many?

A delayed game does not always mean a better game.

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Pongwater891d ago

Depends on the gamer. Delays have never bothered me or made me lose interest in a game. Delayed doesn't always mean better, but rushed nearly always means problems.

Fist4achin891d ago

Same here. Delay it and work out the bugs. There's not many other industries where you could pawn off an unfinished anything and think the customers will be cool with it.

xMANB3ARP1G890d ago (Edited 890d ago )

sure delays dont always mean better but most of the games i can think of that got delayed publicly, delays happen all the time gamers only bitch about the ones they see then they dont shut up about them (im more pissed dead space 4 has been delayed i just know they are working on one after 3 they had to they cant let it go out like that but the weapons of 3 were kick ass and there is absolutely 0% chance they are not actively working on something set in that world just not full steam) but its possible a games gets delayed put on hold or even cancelled before release and sometimes several times hell Resident Evil 4 a game alot of ppl say is the best RE game(dont necessarily agree its a amazing game but i liked one and 0 alot but not wanting to hear shit about this or that re being shitty or better dont care) got cancelled and restarted 3 times they had 3 different builds of re that i know of all before we ever got to play 4 and look had that delay turned out. or lets flash forward to uncharted 4 and its delays and that game. sorry got a little lost there but my point is a delay honestly only means its been delayed the product can still be a turd they just tried a little harder to polish the turd but anytime the delay is of a year or more of a already announced due date (actual date not just something like summer 2016) thats when i start to worry unless i also here well we started over the project wasnt shaping up the way we wanted but anything less then a year in my experience has always been a good thing but i also didnt kick-start any games i just buy them at cull price when they come out and are looking good.

tanukisuit891d ago

Stacey Massey sure is pretty.

ShadowKnight891d ago

I'm still waiting for Star Citizen

jay2891d ago

i dont think delays r acceptible if you cant complete in a given time fraim you need to pull off a solid work of

Pongwater891d ago

That's not how art works.

xMANB3ARP1G890d ago (Edited 890d ago )

but i wont pay for it with that kind of attitude to art. bongwater you are right that isnt how art works. art works as a plumber.

xMANB3ARP1G890d ago

this guy should make a game