The Conduit- Splitscreen and LAN play 100% confirmed

"We're not ready to officially announce anything, but things are in the works. Look for the word in the coming month. We're going to ship with a full single player campaign and both offline and online multiplayer. We're also working with Nintendo now on getting LAN play working [via system link]." - Rob Nicholls, the game's designer.

Notice how he said Offline and Online AND ALSO LAN, meaning that the offline multiplayer is splitscreen. So far, the features confirmed are: 16+ Online Multiplayer, Voice Chat, Macthmaking, Customaizable : turning speed, cursor sensitivty, dead zone size, and running speed, Movable HUDS, 17 weapons +variants, 3 grenade types, LAN play, and splitscreen. Keep in mind that the game is still in it's early Alpha.

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TheColbertinator3673d ago

That is the kind of 3rd party I support on the Wii.Good job High Voltage.

MvmntInGrn3673d ago

Nice, i didn't think the conduit would get very much attention but it's turning into a big Wii game. Maybe it'll be the game I actually turn my Wii on for, SMG was ok but the last really good Wii experience I had was MP3.

xxBATTLECATxx3673d ago

the wii really needs this.
im glad i ended up not buying a wii
i woudve been so bored

BrotherNick3673d ago

Yes, to many of us gamers, the other consoles are more attractive to to its usual titles. I'll get to be a badass aiming with a gun while you play with two nubs for aiming.

xxBATTLECATxx3673d ago

gun games on wii.....did you play red steel?
that wouldve seriously gotten a 2 if it was on another console.
ill give it up to metroid though
that was fun for a bit.
actually to me its the same thing with a DS
im 20, but all i see for the DS that i liked are mario kart the world ends with you, advance wars and pokemon, everything else feels like a gimmick (just like the wii controller) i dont wanna draw circles and stir food up in a pot in cooking mama, i dont wanna train my brain with math problems with brain age, i want a game, a good one, not a billion crappy ones.
Really? the DS has a vitrual baby game now? LAME

jay23673d ago

Stap, Wii needs this.

cemelc3673d ago

Nice, i hope the fools at crapcom and Ubisoft put some money on their wii crap, that way they might even sale some games