Tecmo Says It Favors Wii, DS for Holiday Lineup

With Tomonobu Itagaki and Team Ninja's "next-gen" projects out of the picture, Tecmo clearly favors the Nintendo DS and Wii. How else to interpret an email today that had as its subject: "Tecmo's Holiday 08 Lineup -- our love for Nintendo DS and Wii"? Is Tecmo now going after the demographic-du-jour "casual gamer"? It appears so....

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pwnsause3675d ago

of course they favor the Wii. They are deep S**t now that Itigaki is gone, not to mention Square Enix is thinking of buying them out. They cant spend money on Next-gen projects like they used to now that the Brain of the team is not there.

supremacy3675d ago

this is what small companies like snk or...or atlus do, they go where they can afford to go. this now shows me that techmo has become a small company.

no offense to you techmo or nintendo fans but if the wii would have been as costly as the ps3 than this would have been an article about how they have decided to focus on the ps2 and DS. see what i mean?

Tomonobu Itagaki3675d ago

Now that the true geniuses are gone, Tecmo cannot work anymore on the most powerful consoles on AAA games with high budget. They can only do on the lowest console of its generation with low cost crappy games.

I said you would regret it, Tecmo !

Chris Hansen3675d ago

Itagaki is now posting comments on N4G. You must really be falling on hard times.

Product3675d ago

"Itagaki is now posting comments on N4G. You must really be falling on hard times"
This coming from Chris Hansen ;)

TheColbertinator3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

I think its time for Tecmo to get people interested in new IPs.A 360 or PS3 exclusive could grab some attention while a multiplat may just be forgotten.Because putting your money down on casuals for Wii will only end up killing you quicker.

If Tecmo goes only to the Wii,they will end up just like Majesco is right now.

Or they can just join Square Enix,does'nt matter.

Then one more option.They can sell the Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive franchises to recap on their losses

dericb113675d ago

That is true but they lost the people who could pull off big titles for PS3 and 360. Sadly I think they are doing this as a way to make cheaper games and not waste money on a large budget game that could in up being a burst.

Voiceofreason3674d ago

Why dont you try to read the article? Those are not casual games... For someone who always trolls the Wii news you know very little about it.. No wait thats not right. You understand very little about it.I wish I had more time to explain what a casual game really is. Sadly you do a discredit to Steven Colbert. He is a smart guy being represented on N4G by someone that cant even grasp certain concepts.

nieto3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

here comes the milking machine! i mean tecmo! to make some more crappy casual games to make some quick money.

Voiceofreason3675d ago

It's Rygar, Tecmo bowl and Spray. Now Tecmo bowl isnt casual really, most casuals never even heard of it, Rygar is an action game. Action games never = casual game, unless its heavy rain. Spray is for kids. KIds games are not casual games. Maybe it would help to have actually read the article but knowledge gets in the way of your Wii hate so just ignore it.

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