Capcom: We fully believe PS3 has reached full swing after MGS 4 success

MaXconsole reports: "As part of their official Q1 Questions and Answers session, Capcom has revealed a belief that the PS3 is in full swing after the success of MGS 4. However, they noted they are not just focusing on PS3 and would like to supply their software evenly across the Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms.


Q. Do you feel that PlayStation 3 (PS3) has expanded sufficiently for the release of large-scale titles such as "Resident Evil 5"?

A. We believe that PS3 has finally reached full swing after looking at the success of "Metal Gear Solid 4," as well as future large-scale title lineups. In addition, some reduction in the PS3's price was announced at the 2008 E3, and we can expect its spread to increase by next March when our "Resident Evil 5" for PS3 will be released. Moreover, as we are not only focusing on PS3, we would also like to spread our supply of software evenly between Wii and Xbox 360 while their markets in the world increase in a similar manner to PS3."

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MrWonderful3674d ago

if they are gonna supply software evenly between all platforms then announce monster hunter 3 for all platforms!

TheHater3674d ago

I would kill for a monster hunter for the ps3 dude.

Overr8ed3674d ago

can someone please tell me what is with this game?! i never played Monster Hunters so i cant say if its good or bad.

typikal823674d ago

If youve never played Monster Hunter, think of it like a MMORPG but alot more action but hunting in groups of 4. Its so much fun.

Kami3674d ago

i will also kil for a ps3 monster hunter.

ThanatosDMC3674d ago

Monster Hunter for the PS3... i think that's on the top of my wish list.

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bluecapone3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

RE5 is the only game that i want from capcom

SpecialSauce3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

theres like 10 AAA games comming out this holiday season and they think PS3 has hit FULL SWING. WTF are they smoking. PS3 momentum is the highest EVO. CRAPcom has been fukin with Sony this gen. Devil May cry on Xbox Monster Hunter on Wii only and NO DEAD RISING plus we lost resident evil. fuk them Sony Corp don't NEED dat shyt. it's like CRAPcom is against Sony all of the sudden.

nieto3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

they always have been like this. remember when they gave Resident Evil exclusivity to nintendo? and some more new IP like Viewtiful Joe, P.N. 03 well, things didn't go according to the plans and then they were forced to brake exclusivity because the games weren't selling.

now this gen there is the X360 that have a slight edge over the PS3 with 4 million consoles and the Wii with its 22 million and they are doing the same thing again. releasing games like Dead Rising only for X360 and Wii and abandoning the poor PS3.

those f*****g bastards!

pixelsword3673d ago

Eat our collective bungholes.


Pissed-off DMC4 fans.

theKiller3673d ago

they cant even make an AAA game!! they they got now is RE5 and they r taking forever to make it, and it wont push any console to the limits!
they lack clever engineers!!

most of their games r average or at best good but not reaching AAA type of games!! they will lose a lot because of their actions!!

i mean just look at their games!! street fighter(very old), RE(their only successful game and old also), dead rising (average game), DMC (a big let down), monster hunter only japs love it! what else?? and their game never used any advantages of the console it was release on as exclusive!!

capcom is not the same as capcom 5-10 years ago! i even hardly see any new games in the last years!!

if they really thinking ps3 reached its limits then they should talk to gurilla games about it

mohib-uddin79865323674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

In the past FF7 saved the PS1 like a lifeboat and MGS1 gave the finsihing blow to the N64

now MGS4 saved the PS3 like a life boat what will deal the finshing blow????

please ANSWER

SmokingMonkey3674d ago

all i'm going to say is the competition will be


InMyOpinion3674d ago

lifeboats? What are you talking about?

behemothzero3674d ago

I know that's the answer you want.

mohib-uddin79865323674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

The reason i say MGS and FF7 is because they are games that seprated consoles

they showed what the console is capable of and why they cant be done on other consoles.

If there is a game that will deal the finishing blow its has to be something like this.

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SyphonFilter3674d ago

capcom is right,but it's crazy how far ps3 got and it's still $400. imagine when it's $300.

Mini Mario3673d ago

And look how far the wii got when no-1 gave it a hope in hell. Imagine when it drops its price.

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