How much would you pay to sit on a PlayStation 2?

In what it claims as a world first, a UK company has announced a chair made from 100 percent recycled plastic from a single source. Oh yes, that source happens to be the Sony PlayStation 2 games console...

The 'Reee' chair is to be officially launched on September 10th, rather appropriately at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's head office in London. The plastic back and seat are manufactured entirely from recycled PlayStation 2 consoles, meaning that 100 percent of the plastic comes from a single source of recycled consumer products and that, says Pli Design, is a UK first.

What's more, this very British product sources all the old consoles from the domestic market, and uses some 2.4kg of old PlayStation plastic per chair. As well as being good for the planet, the Reee should be good for your wallet as well. Why so? Well, recycled plastic only requires a fraction of the energy to produce when compared with what you might call virgin plastic straight from the oil barrel as it were.

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