Rumor: iPhone Getting Official Gamepad [Updated]

Update: iPhone amateur development site ModMyiFone has received word from Belkin that the JoyPod is not a real product.

Original Story: Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch may be getting a gamepad and official support for it, if a purported accessory leak is to be believed. A supposed information sheet from accessory maker Belkin on TouchArcade added to a handful of claimed gamepad accessories for the iPhone.

This one, however, claims to support the iTunes App Store, the online store to buy software and games for the iPhone. Supporting the App Store implies that Belkin has gotten clearance from Apple to sell the pad, which means support for it could even be included in future versions of the iPhone SDK, the software package for iPhone game creators.

Combining touch sensitivity with motion sensing has even led Forbes to declare that the iPhone "could kill the Nintendo DS," which was the first gaming handheld to support a touch screen. Stylus support a la Nintendo DS also remains a possibility, as stylus accessories are currently on sale.

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