More Home Beta Invites

Check your email , more home beta invites were given invitation

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Blackmoses3303d ago

No Crap just checked my mail!!!!

Look me up PSN: Blackmoses11

Fowack3303d ago

gunna add you now man

SpecialSauce3303d ago

i hate this shyt i didn't get in.

Voozi3303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

Holy ****

I just got my invite!!!

Frulond3303d ago

just checked my email and DING! woot! can't wait to get home and get er... um... HOME yeah! :P

marinelife93303d ago

Got mine too. Make sure you have up that Home Beta wallpaper on your PS3. They mentioned it in the email.

Frulond3303d ago

i have the theme up tho I changed the wallpaper cause it's too ugly hehe

chaosatom3303d ago

where do u guys live? what state?

When does it say that it's starting?

Do u have to have the wallpaper set on to the ps3? because I changed it.

Fowack3303d ago

but answer the mans question

xSHROOMZx3303d ago

I downloaded tha theme and had it "set" on my PS3 for almost 2 weeks. I got tired of it tho so I just switched themes... do they actually KNOW what theme I have set on my system, and does it matter??? God I feel like an

Anyway, anyone who could help me, thanks!

Voozi3303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

I'm from New Jersey

I can redeem the code any time (I redeemed it now and am inside Home right now)

And yes I've had the Home theme since it was put on the store.

My PS3 hasn't been on everyday though but it's been on enough I think. I've made PSN purchases in the past such as Folklore DLC, PSN games, and most recently Qoore subscription.

My email was sent to me at 3:30 PM Eastern Time

Sorry for late reply lol was checking things out

HighDefinition3303d ago

Thank you Sony.

See you in Home.

PM me for my PSN.

Good luck.

n4gzz3303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

I didn't get invite :(. Can anyone give me their code please !! LOL

Edit : I think, home will be open for everyone by the end of september. So, don't panic people. It will come to us.

Marceles3303d ago

129 trophies, 26 games not including PSN, GAP member, no invite, thanks Sony!

Overr8ed3303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

=(. Lucky, i wonder if this is what they mean as a Release, they did say Home is going to be like g-mail anyways. Good but still in its beta phase.

marinelife93303d ago

I got my email today at 2:31 CST I'm in MO.

I've had the theme up ever since I downloaded it a few weeks ago even though it is ugly and I will now be taking it down.

I've bought a few PSN games but not many and I am a Qore annual subscriber but I don't think that had anything to do with it honestly.

iamtehpwn3303d ago

after I made sweet love to my Ps3, I don't get an Invite
I used ;-;

solidsnakus3303d ago

i didnt get an email :( its not my fault there arent any games to play dammit!! home would of made me start using my ps3 more , but nope i guess its just gonna continue colecting more dust.

Cenobia3303d ago

It doesn't say anywhere that you have to use the theme. It just says you have to download it. I have been playing online a ridiculous amount, and if the criteria for getting in was how long that theme was up, I'm going to be pissed.

I'm getting really fudging tired of this Home bullsh!t. I have an idea, how about just release it already for f(*&s sake.

Max Power3303d ago

i haven't played a game in a week, and before that i only played COD4 like three nights. the only thing i can think of is that i had the theme and wallpaper up and i always have folding going when i am not home. Can't wait to see, the ones that were invited on!

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SeanScythe3303d ago

SWEET!! I just got mine thank you Sony!

DarthTigra 3303d ago

Lol yall suck i didnt get in.

Megaton3303d ago

I didn't get in either.

UltimateIdiot9113303d ago

Yay, a party that requires no invite. I'm in.

IzKyD13313303d ago

me neither, I guess were the unlucky ones....

SolidSnake933303d ago

I got nothing as well. Everyone who also has nothing feel free to join in.

vdesai3303d ago

I didn't get it. I guess I better stop doing my homework and start doing some gaming :P.

gambare3303d ago

Is this the party of the not invited ones? :(

AKIronMaiden3303d ago

I didn't get one either, I had the theme up until I plugged it in to my HDTV, and then it reset, Hopefully that's not why. But Man, I've boughten so much junk on the store, and have my PS3 online almost all the time hoping for something like this to happen. Man, I feel sad. What exactly was the criteria anyway?

BLuKhaos3303d ago

I didnt get one either and whats worse is that I locked myself out of my account because i accidently took off the auto sign in and i can't remember my password.and I put up some bs DOB which i also can't remember so yeah im sad now :(

RSX3302d ago

Wouldnt mind if i came with you guys...
i have an invite to the no Home beta


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