Screenshots of a 2D Prinny PSP action game

Silocnera: "After being an icon in the Disgaea series, Nippon Ichi (thanks for the heads up Andres!!) is making a game primarily about Prinnies and it isn't a strategy RPG. Prinny: Ore ga Shujinkou de Iinsuka? (Prinny: Is it OK if I'm the Protagonist?) is a 2D action game (!) with very familiar sprites. You can see Green Skulls flying in one screen and Magic Swordsmen in another. So, Nippon Ichi might be reusing some of their artwork, but the 3D rendered backgrounds appear to be new. The gameplay is certainly a change too. I wish we knew more about it. We should find out more soon since this is on track to come out on November 20 in Japan. It's too early for NIS America to say anything about an international release, but chances are good it's already in the pipeline."

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