1UP: Ninja Blade: Brief Real-Time Impressions

This weekend at their Tokyo Media Briefing, Microsoft announced Ninja Blade, an action game being developed by From Software for the Xbox 360. While at the time of this writing, the Internet is already picking apart the trailer (featured above) and whispering about the game's striking similarity to a certain other demon-chopping ninja franchise, producer Masanori Takeuchi took some time at the media briefing to talk a little bit more about his product and show off some very brief in-game footage that sets it apart.

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Xi3674d ago

So that cinematic is the same quality as the gameplay with regards to visuals... Sounds too good to be true.

dachiefsman3674d ago

looks eerily similar to another game.....

uxo223674d ago

Unless you saw more footage than I did, I really don't know how you would come to that conclusion. It looked like a CG trailer to me, it never led me to any ideas of what the actual game play will look like.

Perhaps you say this because it has a "ninja" in it and he carries a "katana"? Otherwise I really don't follow you.

dachiefsman3673d ago

ninja giaden. The clothing is pretty close to being the same, and he is fighting dragons/demons. It doesn't mean I am talking down on the game cause I love the Ninja Giaden series.

I hope its just as good with an even better story.