Sony: Microsoft’s Moves to Unify Xbox One and Windows Won’t Influence PlayStation’s Strategy

During Sony Corporation’s Investor Day, Sony Interactive Entertainment President Andrew House was asked if the company sees Microsoft’s moves towards the unification of the Xbox One and Windows ecosystem as a threat.

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Thatguy-310813d ago

Good. Let's keep it all Playstation focus please :D

freshslicepizza812d ago

sony already played around with the idea on portal 2 and crossplay with the ps3 and steam. not sure why sony is now shying away from that. street fighter V also had cross play but you dont see sony marketing any future titles. interesting how microsoft is now fully onboard and sony now pulling back. i would think gamers would be supportive of it more.

MasterCornholio812d ago

Cross play still exists between PC, Android, IOS, PS3, Vita and PS4.

Sony is fully onboard with cross play. However like Major Nelson said you can't just flip a switch.

Pongwater812d ago

Why would people using controllers want cross play with people using mouse and keyboard? Controller users will generally be owned.

S2Killinit812d ago

Difference being Playstation consoles will have exclusives. PS exclusives arent going to be played on PC and phones/tablets.

iceman06812d ago

It's a business move...pure and simple. House even so much as stated it with the comment "it remains to be seen if there is a latent demand for it.". MS are pretty much trying to extend their brand into PC because they feel there is a need (economic) there. Sony, on the other hand, hasn't been driven there because of their success in this gen so far. In other words, PS values the console space as THE main place to play games from it's ecosystem and wants to create value in that. (the console is a big part of it's business) While MS sees the broad spectrum of devices as more of a means to the same end of selling games. (the console is a smaller part of it's business) Sony is counting on bolstering it's numbers by driving demand within the console environment. Where as, MS wants to bolster it's numbers by tempting PC players to buy in.

freshslicepizza812d ago

I realize why Sony wants to leverage its exclusives more to the PS4 and has less of an incentive to bring them to PC. But when you guys keep parroting how the Xbox lacks true exclusives doesn't really help PS4 owners since you still can't play them unless they play them on the PC. Sony doesn't want that to happen either which is why they are coming out with PS4 Neo. Sony knows they cannot survive on exclusives only.

UltimateMaster812d ago (Edited 812d ago )

It's because it is hard to make cross play across 2 closed platforms.
PS4 and PC can be done since PC is an open platform.
I am guessing there's some security concerns sharing information with a rival company.
I don't think Phil has bad intentions at all... but bitter rivalry could ruin the gaming experience online because of some fanatic fanboys.
You know the kind.

Sunny_D812d ago


Yet most game companies are unlikely to make PC exclusives games other than certain niche title. You also even mention yourself, games sell better on consoles than PC. So why would Sony have to care about PC sales when more than likely they will sell better on PS4?

Consoles is the mainstay for gamers and PC is still considered niche as most people don't want to play games on a PC that they have to sit at a computer table for.

iceman06812d ago

Sony (and MS for that matter) are releasing the new sku's to drive and meet demand for the UHD/4k craze. These are probably closer to the consoles that they wanted to release when this gen started, but they would have been too expensive to profit from quickly. It has to do with making their exclusives look and play better, NOT creating an entirely new console for exclusives. While it might be possible far down the line that we might see a shift, I doubt that they alienate close to 50 million gamers this soon. That's a LOT of goodwill risked for the little gain that they might get serving the few (relative to PS4) early adopters of the Neo.

freshslicepizza812d ago (Edited 812d ago )

"Yet most game companies are unlikely to make PC exclusives games other than certain niche title."

this is due to a lot of factors. piracy is still a problem but that is slowly being rectified. the other is who is going to fund the aaa game? companies like nintendo and sony do it because they also sell hardware, so they validate the investments more.

"You also even mention yourself, games sell better on consoles than PC. So why would Sony have to care about PC sales when more than likely they will sell better on PS4?"

they care because the pc market is still a viable platform for software sales. just look at games like the witcher 3 for example. sony also cares because the pc can offer the consumer more options and not be walled off in a controlled environment. just imagine if they allowed games like driveclub on the pc where the user can go well beyond 30 frames per second for example and not have to pay to play online. so of course sony is worried because they make most of their money on third party games and if everyone now goes to the pc and just uses the ps4 for exclusives sony will turn into the same predicament nintendo is in now.

which of course brings the elephant into the room, microsoft's direction. so will ps4 supporters who claim they have no need for an xbox now because those games are also on windows platform (pc) go in that direction or is it just more hot air and only say that to keep fuelling the console wars just as a tactic to suggest the xbox is irrelevant even though they will constinue to play their games on the console?

"Consoles is the mainstay for gamers and PC is still considered niche as most people don't want to play games on a PC that they have to sit at a computer table for."

then microsoft has nothing to worry about with its xbox division as there is still a very active demand for console gaming.

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donthate812d ago

Reality is that Sony doesn't have another platform to branch too and don't have an to this.

Sony doesn't benefit from PC, and in fact console gamer exodus to PC is bad for Sony. For MS, there is damage to Xbox, but they hope to contain that with Xbox Play Anywhere and unified store. MS also aligns themselves with PC for VR so the entire path from PC is now laid clear to Xbox and back. This is huge for MS and Sony doesn't have an answer to this, because they have no other platforms. Their last big one that failed was PS Now on TVs.

So honestly, I hope Sony diversifies, because this is a brilliant move by MS, and so obvious in hindsight.

Sunny_D812d ago

Exodus, lmao. The PS4 is the fastest selling console for Sony right after the Wii. If there's an exodus happening, then they must be crawling cause they sure as hell aren't running to PC.

TheCommentator812d ago

Let's be real. Sony couldn't be influenced by what MS is doing because they don't have the means to follow suit. Sony has NO CHOICE but to do their own thing, just like MS. MS has the Windows OS, the DX12 API, Cloud infrastructure, and enough cash in their pocket to buy Sony outright. So while Sony may have clout within the industry that MS can't match, MS has other industries that they can integrate into the Xbox brand in order to make the brand larger than the gaming industry alone ever could. This puts MS at a distinct advantage if interest in console gaming slows down over the coming years.

Considering what Neo and Scorpio represent, it is clear that some sort of industry-wide changes are occurring as we speak...

Markusb33811d ago

The MS board have been trying to close down the xb division for years as it's the least profitable. Maybe this is why it is trying to be a broader platform and exist within windows. I can't understand why you would buy Scorpio that plays xb1 games and will just carry on with the same franchises but it's super powerful just get a pc that will always be more powerful whenever you choose to make it so.

ThyMasterDebater812d ago (Edited 812d ago )

@TheCommentator Yes, Lets be real then, Sony never has really been influenced by Microsoft mostly because they are better at making exclusives and hardware. They have never finished lower then Microsoft in any console cycle and always have more exclusives and New IPs to offer fans. DX12 is just an API, There are many API's in the gaming world that are just as good and better then DX12, Cloud Infrastructure is good for back end stuff but not for enhancing graphically fidelity due to network response times in gaming.

Microsoft can't just buy Sony out.. are you insane? Sony would first have to offer themselves to them, you can't just buy a company without their permission.. Mostly because monopoly, You could invest in shares if the shares are available.. but either way, Even with the Money Microsoft has they have never been able to make better exclusives nor top Sony in sales so regardless they just need more talent and to do a better job at making games instead of relying on bs marketing to push services and technologies that really never pan out in gaming. Scorpio nor neo will put either company at an advantage cause pc will always be more powerful. They are just more powerful consoles aimed at 4k adopters. That's it, Higher frame rates, draw distance, Same games yada yada.

donthate812d ago

Sony has never been influenced by MS?

Are you kidding me?

The modern console is entirely based off what MS did with the Xbox 360. Sorry, buddy, Sony has done a lot during it's prime time, but to ignore all the things MS brought and how that influenced Sony is just ridiculous. Both MS and Sony are definitely learning from each other.

ThyMasterDebater812d ago

I'm not your buddy guy, That said.. Playstation 2 had online play, Shit the dreamcast had online play, If you are talking about services like Live.. all this stuff was done on PS2. Modern just means now a days, So back then that was modern and it evolved but I wouldn't say microsoft was the company that evolved it. They have had some cool idea's and sure they share idea's but Sony has always had the upperhand when it comes to Hardware and IPs/exclusives. Even with more money Microsoft still can't seem to leverage over Sony.

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zsquaresoff813d ago

Good. PlayStation is an identity on its own, there is no need to bring their exclusives to anything other than a PlayStation.

Death812d ago

You are aware you can play many Playstation games including exclusives on Samsung TV's without a console aren't you? Both companies are looking at ways to expand their brand across multiple devices including non-console based solutions.

Aloy-Boyfriend812d ago (Edited 812d ago )

Lol That's only PS Now; a service to play PS3 games

Shineon812d ago

@Xikurapika Ps3 games are playstation games even if the graphics are bad, remember yall dont care about graphics anymore scorpio is coming out

Ceaser9857361812d ago


"Ps3 games are playstation games even if the graphics are bad, remember yall dont care about graphics anymore scorpio is coming out"
I thought xbox fangirls were saying that when the PS4 was doing better than the xbox one now look MS had to bring in two consoles to the battle.. Also if people are to worried about gfx they can get a pricey PC gaming rig..

Death812d ago


PSNow is indeed a service that allows Playstation games to be played on multiple devices including the Samsung line of TV's that are PSNow compatible. PS4 games can be played via PSNow at any time Sony chooses to put the games on the service. Not all Xbox games are going to PC either, but that seems to be the line many Playstation fans are touting. Any way you slice it you can play Playstation games on devices other than Playstation. Did you miss this? In addition to PlayStation platforms, most 2014 U.S. models of Sony’s BRAVIA® TV*2 lineup will support PS Now. Eventually the service will expand beyond PlayStation platforms and Sony devices, allowing users to stream PlayStation games on numerous other Internet-connected devices.

ocelot07812d ago

@shineon you don't even need a pricey PC rig to play 1080p 60FPS on PC anymore.

£502 will get you this just ignore the R9 380X and replace with a RX 480 as there now up on the website yet but cost the same. Sure it does not have 6tflops as the Scorpio (it has 5.7).

Am going to guess the scorpio will be between £350 and £400. If so then I rather pay a extra £100 - £150. Not only will I be able to play Microsoft games I can play any PC gamer I want as well.

_-EDMIX-_812d ago

If you're referring to PlayStation Now on the PlayStation 4 you cannot actually play Playstation 4 games from PlayStation now only the select PlayStation 3 PlayStation 2 games etc.

Every generation Sony brings a select few of their exclusives to their current platform ie The Last of Us came to PlayStation 4.

But I do not know of them during a current generation bringing their current games to any other platform other than PlayStation 4 it won't surprise me that they won't release PlayStation 4 games on PlayStation now until PlayStation 5 releases to keep momentum and purchase priority on PlayStation 4.

Mind you if you could play a PlayStation exclusive on a Samsung TV doesn't that sort of mean it's an oxymoron? By default it's not actually exclusive if you're playing it on a Samsung TV now is it? Lol

PlayStation games that are on PlayStation Now are are by default multi-platform because of being able to be played without the use of a specific PlayStation device.

But it's clear that Sony doesn't have any current plans to extend bringing those games to multi-platform with their PlayStation 4 lineups.

Not now any way. Likely end of this gen, start of next gen

_-EDMIX-_812d ago

@death -" PS4 games can be played via PSNow at any time Sony chooses to put the games on the service. "

I 100 percent agree with that in no way shape or form am I disagree with you I merely saying what's your point?

As it currently stands Sony's Playstation 4 exclusives are only on the PlayStation 4 and exclusive PlayStation 3 games are not technically exclusive since most of them are on PlayStation now which means they're multi-platform by default of the actual definition.

Soooooo your point is what? That one day PlayStation 4 games will be multi-platform? Well if you look at the company's history of course that's true and makes sense are PlayStation 2 games not released elsewhere like on PlayStation 3? On PlayStation 4?

So would it really be out of the question that would PlayStation 5 releases that PlayStation 4 be remastered for it? Or released on digital for it? Or released on PlayStation Now?

I'm not saying that won't happen because it's pretty clear by history's indications that it very much is likely it will probably happen I'm merely saying how was that actually relevant?

Zsq is merely saying as the time being their focus is there exclusive likely until the next Generation I don't think he means for all eternity as clearly he knows when PlayStation 9 releases PlayStation 4 games will likely have some sort of Library digitally somewhere lol

I think when people are referring to exclusives for the most part they mean for the current generation not for an eternity or life or anything like that as in Sony's focus is on exclusives for PlayStation 4 for the time being until PlayStation 5 release it then PlayStation 5 will be there Focus for their exclusives until PlayStation 6 and so.

I'm pretty positive people are not using the term exclusive in regards of for life forever permanently as much as they mean for the generation currently.

For the most part Sony only focuses on their exclusive for the duration of a generation of that particular platform as most companies do with the exception of Microsoft that is now multi-platform day and date

812d ago
Pongwater812d ago

The fact that some of you equate old games from old systems with new exclusives on current systems is both funny and sad.

S2Killinit812d ago

PSNow is a rental option like redbox. Thats different from MS releasing EVERY SINGLE xbox game on PCs and Tablets/phones. Whats the point of console gaming once they do that?

iceman06812d ago

This is true. But, there is the difference of what is being offered. Playstation is offering older titles from the previous gen. which is unlikely to effect the sales of it's current console. MS is offering the same titles as are currently available on their consoles which could potentially effect their current console. PS is leveraging it's previous library to garner attention from outside of the consoles. MS is effectively leveraging a portion of it's present and near future library to attract that same attention. Both sound strategies. One slightly more risky to the console environment itself.

Sparta07812d ago

@ Death. Wow!! What a dumb useless comment. Are you talking about psnow? You do know that's old ps3 games.

donthate812d ago

To be frank, PS Now is complete [email protected] It doesn't compete with anything and is now half dead.

Markusb33811d ago

Exactly and this will progress then Sony only needs to have an app and controller no expensive console to sell. Once Internet speeds are fast and smart tvs are higher spec

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jessionpc812d ago

So I guess we are going to have to keep buying multiple boxes in order to keep playing different brands of the same thing moving forward, eh?... Shame.

May as well buy 4 cars to shop at 4 different grocery stores.

Horyzon812d ago (Edited 812d ago )

Thank God. Sony's focus should always be true exclusives, best price and 3rd party support.

PS1: True exclusives + Less powerful + Best price + Great 3rd party support = Won
PS2: True exclusives + Less powerful + Best price + Great 3rd party support = Won
PS3: True exclusives + More powerful + Worst price + Bad 3rd party support = Lost
PS4: True exclusives + More powerful + Best price + Great 3rd party support = Won

Well, I think we can see the pattern.

myopt812d ago (Edited 812d ago )

you do realise that ps3 sold more than the 360 right? and that it completely obliterated the 360 in exclusive games and what are you talking about bad 3rd party ps3? it had all the 3rd party support, every game was on ps3, the fuck? i think that you should look from 2009-2013 not 2006-2009 when talking about the ps3

Horyzon812d ago

I know. I'm talking about the generation as a whole.

812d ago
SaveFerris812d ago


Are you serious? Have you forgotten about the RROD?

Kribwalker812d ago

Please show me the proof, other then fake VGchartz numbers that show PS3 finished ahead of the 360. Because the only official numbers ever released had the 360 hitting 80 million a month before the PS3 did, and the 360 hitting 84million in June of 2014. A month later Sony released a "combined sales total" of 100million for the PS4 (which was announced at over 10million weeks later) the vita (which was rumoured to be over 7-8 million) which puts the PS3 at 82-83 million a month after MS announced 84millon. So show me something official to that extent, I've been waiting close to a year for that from previous post.

Ron_Danger812d ago (Edited 812d ago )


"Saddly but did you know ps3 was a piece of crap compared to the 360? Ponies"

Compared to the 360?! You mean that quality system that launched without wifi, without hdmi, without an internal power source, without rechargeable/ internal batteries for the controllers, and a standard DVD drive.

All of those things (except the internal power source) they added later for an additional fee. The HDDVD drive they sold for $150 failed and since they went the standard DVD rout, some games had to be sold on multiple discs. Don't forget the crazy fail rate from the RRoD.

And you call Sony fanboys "ponies". You are laughably pathetic with your logic.


Not trying to start a sales comment war, but this was the 3rd link listed when I google searched "ps3 lifetime sales":

As of October 2015, this site has the PS3 at 85.88 million and the 360 at 84.94. Unfortunately we'll never know true MS sales numbers ever again based on their new sales figures mindset.


I provided a link with sales figures and you provided a personal opinion. So pathetic...

812d ago
Kribwalker812d ago


The source of their numbers is VGchartz. Once again, the last official numbers are 360 84 million in June 2014 ps4 PS3 and vita 100mil combined July 2014

Utalkin2me812d ago

@Israel1086, @Kribwalker, @ricosuave

I love watching people embarrass themselves on this site with stupid opinions pushed as facts. And just the saltiness alone is the sole reason i try to come back to the this site on a daily basis.

Kribwalker812d ago


Please enlighten me on official numbers from Sony and MS that state I am wrong. You are here bashing people for "opinions" yet I am the only person stating facts from MS and Sony and not VGchartz. Please share with me something that proves me wrong and I will gladly accept it.

And that is the last official known numbers from either company.

Sunny_D812d ago (Edited 812d ago )

@anyone who believes that Xbox sold more

So even IF you want to tell me Xbox outsold the PS3 and that's a big IF, how did the PS3 close the gap with less than a million sales when the 360 was rushed out a year ahead of the PS3? Lmao, let's not even talk about the wii.

Also, how many true users were there for the 360? The amount of multiple Xbox's that were bought thanks to RROD gives a real false sense of actual consumers when those things were dying left and right.

Lastly, PS3 has always sold at a faster rate than the 360 ever did even with its price point, which indicates that more people wanted the PS3. To top it off, the PS3 continues to still be supported while MS decided to cut support for the Xbox which means PS3's are no doubt still selling and have surpassed the Xbox in sales at this point if it hadn't already.

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Inzo812d ago

Sony never lost in my view, at least not in the traditional sense, yes the Wii rocketed out of the starting blocks raced over 100 mil and then came to a sudden stop by the end of 2010 because the casual market, which was Nintendos target market, was tapped out, its the reason why no one viewed the Wii as direct competition to the PS3 and 360 its also the reason why Nintendo was forced to make a move on the WiiU, whereas the PS3 kept a steady flow, even passing the 360 which was cheaper and had a year head start.

ThyMasterDebater812d ago

They didn't lose statistically either, This kirb guy is BS.

Kratos0Ace812d ago

@ Horyzon:

For 3rd party exclusive support the PS3 had:

1. Metal Gear Solid 4
2. Heavenly Sword
3. Valkyria Chronicles
4. Demon's Souls
5. Yakuza 3, 4, and Dead Souls
6. Ni No Kuni
etc...not exactly bad games. Just to name a few. The X360 had very little first and third party exclusives. Some of the 3rd party exclusives were timed and ended up on PS3 later. Alas, the PS3 was outsold by the Wii.

_-EDMIX-_812d ago

I believe if Microsoft had better appeal in the east they very much could have took a huge chunk of market share from Sony, Sony having strong support in the East is likely but it kept PlayStation 3 ahead of 360 in regards to third-party exclusives like Yakuza and valkyria Chronicles.

Also Heavenly sword is not a third party game I'm pretty positive Sony owns the intellectual property to that game along with the intellectual property to Demon's Souls

A lot of the reason behind PlayStation 3 default Japanese exclusives where do the 360 performing extremely poorly in Japan. Yakuza is not only on PlayStation 3 just because of some deal with Sony as much as it's only on PlayStation 3 based on PS3 performance in the market of Japan.

BlackTar187812d ago

Yea but sony doesn't own the studios who made the games.

ThyMasterDebater812d ago

Playstation Had 1 year less in the cycle and sold more both in total and year over year globally, This is no secret. Sony has never placed below Microsoft in any console cycle. They sold more consoles in less time. Then beat microsoft bad this gen.

Kribwalker811d ago

Please inform me of your official numbers from both Sony and Microsoft that will back up your claim. A master debater would have that info on hand

ThyMasterDebater812d ago

Another mistake that is being made here is Microsoft's "Sales to Stores" vs Sonys "Sales to Consumers" which was vice versa at the start of the cycle but then switched Once Sony passed Microsoft.

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ninsigma812d ago

Good. Changing your strategy to fit your competitors strategy doesn't work because your opponent is different to you. What works for them may not work for you. Create your strategy, follow it through, watch your metrics and adjust based on that, not what the other guy says they're doing.

TheGreatObserver812d ago

I'm struggling to see how MS believe the expansion into PC is going to benefit them. Unless they plan on buying up pc exclusives and denying them from Steam they don't even compete on the same level

darx812d ago

Exclusives don't matter anymore!

DragonbornZ812d ago

How would it not?
If one buys their games on Xbox or Windows 10 MS still gets the profit.

TheGreatObserver812d ago (Edited 812d ago )

I understand thathat point DragonBornz but MS simply don't have enough games to simply own the market. Like I said unless they buy up exclusives and deny them to steam. And with pc gamers that will go down like a lead balloon . Steam will still own the PC market so the majority of pc gamers will buy there.

Death812d ago

Microsoft isn't "expanding" to PC, they have been supporting PC much longer than consoles. When they launched the original Xbox they shifted focus away from PC. With the release of Windows 10 they now have the ability to support both at the same time without incurring the added costs of developing for multiple platforms. All devs can create games for both PC and Xbox at the same time if they choose. It is a huge cost savings for developers which gives even more incentive to target the platform. Having forwards and backwards compatibility removes the time restrictions typically associated with console development also.

Exclusives are less relevant today, but they are still an important part of both companies strategies. Playing an Xbox game on a Windows 10 console or Windows 10 PC doesn't take away from the fact you are playing on a Microsoft platform. You are trying to differentiate Windows 10, when in reality the platform is the same regardless what device you access it on. It's an exciting time for PC and console gamers.

DragonbornZ812d ago (Edited 812d ago )

Ah, I see. I forgot that people sees MS pc push as an attempt to dominate the market.
You are probably right though, they're probably trying to take over the pc market, I just dont see that.

I just see them supporting their store on windows with their games, coexisting along with their consoles.

_-EDMIX-_812d ago

Why? Software makes more money than Hardware ask yourself this how many consoles will you buy this generation? Now ask yourself this how many games will you buy? The likeliness is we will buy more games this generation than consoles ,consoles will not make as much money as software by default software always makes more money.

The goal is to make money therefore having software in more places means Microsoft makes more money.

The Microsoft it doesn't matter that much where you're buying their games it's simply matters that you're buying their games.

Consider this if you own a Café and you decide to open up a burger joint does it matter to you that I go to both? At the end of the day your goal is to get money in your pocket and would both not give you money in your pocket?

I seriously think you guys need to stop looking into exclusives as ONLY the goal to sell the platform when the reality is the platform's goal is to sell the exclusives and when they own 2 platforms there is no reason why Microsoft should be fighting themselves and cannibalizing their own sales if they own 2 platforms they need to release games on 2 platforms.

_-EDMIX-_812d ago

@dragon- how? Well if in a situation where their games don't carry enough traction to justify being put on 2 platforms.

This situation makes sense on paper sure but we also need to factor that Microsoft is still a company and if a game is not selling enough on both platforms they need to consider not making it on both if they cannot afford the extra development costs.

In theory this will result in them selling more but it is not actually guaranteed as Gamers still buy games based on if they're good or not and if quantum break is any indication of what they're going to continue to release I worry if the games they make will sell well anywhere.

@Thegame- I do not consider them denying steam owners the game simply because PC is an Open platform. As a PC gamer, it matters not the distribution that in which I purchase a game. I've gotten games from GoG, Amazon DD and boxed retail, Origin and yes Steam.

Steam is not the only distribution platform it's merely one of them mind you once you start playing the game how is its distribution platform relevant? I've never really go this. That's like saying you don't like Doritos that have been purchased from Walmart lol

Utalkin2me812d ago


Windows 10 is not a platform i repeat not a platform. A platform is a combination of hardware and software. MAC for instance is a platform or the Xbox1. If MS did something similar to MAC then yes it would be a platform. A operating system is not a platform.

iceman06812d ago

The idea is to expand their potential consumer base into the PC market to make up for deficits on the console side. Basically, to even the odds against that 2:1 ratio in the console space. Whether it works or not is to be seen.

uth11812d ago

What I think happened is Valve was making a lot of noise with Steam machines and Steam OS- which would be a direct threat to Windows if they took off. So MS needed to make Windows more compelling for gamers, but it's coming at the expense of the Xbox.

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Braxmapoutras812d ago

You are so wrong about exclusives being obsolete....I bought my Xbox because of halo and recore as for ps4 I bought it for bloodborne, naughty dog games, killzone and horizon zero for NX I'll also get one for Zelda and all the Nintendo exclusives....I wouldn't bother buying any console if it weren't for PC tramps console in every other way,plus most my friends are on PC...but what matters in the end of the day is games games games...

ninsigma812d ago

Was that meant in reply to me??

I agree with you btw. Exclusives make consoles what they are.

trooper_812d ago

Sony is correct in not changing their strategy.

Utalkin2me812d ago

Thats not the right way to do business, lol. You should constantly keep changing your ideas and keep your customers guessing. Who knows better then MS to show what they want to do and stay the course......ROFLMAO.