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Street Fighter 2 will have a release date

Street Fighter 2 is the talk of the town on Xbox Live, with the new picture packs and theme coming out of nowhere many are speculating that the game will also appear out of thin air. Sadly Capcom slammed that rumour before it even got started while in an interview with 1up.

In the interview Capcom told 1up that the new game will not just randomly appear online and that they will definetly be announcing the release of the classic game. (Xbox 360)

Liverpool4ever  +   3209d ago
Cmon. They need to get it out soon. This isn't Halo 3, LOL :)
Lucidmantra  +   3209d ago
Agreed what the hell is so hard about emmulating a game and adding multiplayer to a game that is like 10 years old?
PS360PCROCKS  +   3209d ago
nice nice this shall be fun
Schmitty07  +   3209d ago
Well they have till June 21st
They said it would be out Q2 of 06, so unless they changed their minds, we'll get it before then. Although, I'm not really exicted for this game. I may get it eventually but I won't be anticipating the launch of it on the XBLA
OutLaw  +   3209d ago
You would think
You would think that porting a game that's as old as this would be simple.
shotty  +   3209d ago
Thats the irony, gears of war has a launch date even ps3 has a launch date but this arcade game doesn't. I think it's a conspiracy and that microsoft is hording the titles and is planning on releasing them over the summer.
Lucidmantra  +   3209d ago
I think what will happen is we will see a massive dump of Live Arcade titles about a month or 2 before PS3 launch, it is a weak strategy to keep them till Gears hits and the holiday titles.
ernande  +   3209d ago
What's the strategy here? Announce development of the game, stir up some hype, release the game after the buzz dies down and everybody has forgotten about the game.

Release the game already. All they have to do is optimize the game for online play. It's a slow summer, the 360 needs games.
TheMART  +   3209d ago
Japanese are just slow and keep delaying. We've seen that one with Sony, we see it again with Capcom
speed  +   3209d ago
yeah, this is getting a little irritating
putting the themes and pics before the game launch? putting the cart before the horse...
THELANDSOFSAND  +   3208d ago
calm down! i dont think there is a conspiracy here. from what i read it just seems the online play is still laggy and it wont be released until its perfect.

now, why a 16-bit game is laggy online is another mystery...

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