Ex-DICE Employee: Female Soldiers Were Cut From Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 3, as Well as BF1

Following reports earlier this month that female soldiers were cut from Battlefield 1’s multiplayer, a former DICE employee says female soldiers were at one time planned and cut from Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 as well. In a statement to Twinfinite, former DICE software engineer Amandine Coget, who originally spoke on the removal of female characters from Battlefield 1, says plans for female soldiers for multiplayer were in early stages of both Battlefield titles.

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GigawattConduit900d ago

Wow, that is...really, really dumb.

yarbie1000899d ago

Yeah, cause look how the franchise just completely died /s

Timesplitter14899d ago (Edited 899d ago )

What does the franchise's success have to do with anything? It's a question of principles, not sales.

And obviously popularity isn't a good indicator of what is right and what is wrong, considering most people seem to be braindead insecure sheep whose only ambition in life is to be stuck in the past forever

yarbie1000899d ago

Your male guilt isn't a good indicator of right or wrong either

trywizardo899d ago

COD is dying and BF is gaining more and more fans each installment (except hardline,that was a hard fail)

RememberThe357898d ago

Don't waste your time. Most people on here wouldn't know a principle from a pine cone. This site is stuck in middle school angst and half are over 30.

DragonKnight898d ago

What does "principle" mean though? Explain, if not for sales OR popularity, what benefit there would be in adhering to SJW "principles."

Women have the real life opportunity to be soldiers, and the overwhelming majority of them are like "nope." Do you think they really want to play as female soldiers? You understand that most of the time, men are the ones playing as or with the female characters right? Principles are not served in games, nor should the be able to dictate their design.

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Erik7357899d ago (Edited 899d ago )

Battlefield 3 and 4 it would make sense for female soldiers to be allowed but not in world war 1 for battlefield 1, there were no female soldiers during that time period or at least unheard of.

Lamboomington899d ago

Yeah, BF 3 and 4 are fine. By all means include them, and do so in any futuristic or modern BF game. There will be some players whining about that, but who cares.

Battlefield 1 ? No way.

NarooN899d ago

Female soldiers DID exist in WW1, they just were very very very few in number and not every nation involved obviously deployed any. The only element I can recall off the top of my head was an all-female regiment that the Russians had, but they were deemed ineffective in combat for various reasons.

wonderfulmonkeyman899d ago


Would one of those reasons they were deemed ineffective, have been because they were...
*puts on sunglasses*
Always Russian headlong into battles?

ziggurcat899d ago (Edited 899d ago )

to be fair, there were (to my knowledge) no female soldiers in WWI. obviously there were females in the military, but none of them were on the front lines (edit)that weren't in the infirmary{/edit). it would be out of context, historically, if they were in BF1.

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jjj0309899d ago

It's the only good thing Dice and EA did last few years. You can't just rewrite the truth and the history for just feminists' sake. The core gamers support this decision because we are not some radical culture revolutionaries.

Eonjay899d ago

And some of us don't care enough for to be bothered if there were females. Just the same, I don't think most people would really care.

spartanlemur899d ago

People who like authenticity would care.

Timesplitter14899d ago (Edited 899d ago )

Does BF1 look even remotely historically-accurate to you? It's like WW1 according to Michael Bay and Zack Snyder. No harm in including female soldiers for more variety

WKirk899d ago (Edited 899d ago )

"It's like WW1 according to Michael Bay and Zack Snyder."

LOL pretty spot on there. Given tanks back then could go no more than 5mph and were unreliable to the point they would've broken down 20 times during filming of the trailer.

Still don't agree with women being soldiers in battles they weren't in, but still, this depiction of WW1 is WW1 on action movie steroids.

Erik7357899d ago (Edited 899d ago )

I mean it would be stupid to have female soldiers in the battlefield for battleifled 1. Total immersion breaker for ww1 setting but I do think it's bullshit that women weren't playable in bf4 and bf3.

Sam Fisher899d ago

How would you know ? Did you live through that war?, last time i checked the ww1 was nasty and grity like vietnam, some nasty this happened there too, they didnt just sit down and take turns and eat fish and chips, yea the tanks only went 5mph but when they blasted a cannon shot to a group of guys on horses charging, you think they just closed their eyes and bam dead?, those shots ripped right thru them, horses slaughtered, gutted, neck slit, ppl crying and dying in the most horrific ways, and the ones that survived had either died later from poison or internal bleeding, so please, this "micheal bay" game is as close as we are going to get to war in ww1, i guess cod is steven speilberg now?

Lamboomington899d ago (Edited 899d ago )

You can say that about literally anything then. It's a question of where you draw the line. What they have now looks and feels authentic and immersive enough. Female soldiers in BF1 would be completely out of place, whilst simultaneously adding nothing more than a customization skin. This isn't Dragon Age or Mass Effect or Skyrim. Having female soldiers adds nothing more here except a little visual customization. It does that at the cost of sticking out like a sore thumb thematically.

Seriously, it's bad enough that some of the guns weren't commonly used in WW1, and it feels more like WW2. This would be a whole level above that, since it goes against everything we know about the time period including both WW1 and WW2, as well as all the depictions within entertainment such as games and films.

goldwyncq899d ago

If you want to play as a female character in a shooter, then go play Overwatch. Don't force your preferences on games that have no business catering to your whims.

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veicht899d ago

I don't really care about this issue (its purely cosmetic so does it really matter that much to anyone?) but am I missing something? Did they not say that battlefield 1 was an ALTERNATE timeline world war 1? Why does everyone keep trying to argue historical accuracy for a history that doesn't exist (again, alternate reality).

Erik7357899d ago

What the problem is is that ea wouldn't LET dice put It in the game for bf3 and bf4.....not because they didn't do it but because it was stopped....kinda ridiculous when you think about it

NarooN899d ago

Yeah people are stupid. It's been boggling me for the past few months in regards to peoples' reactions to the issue of female soldiers being in BF1. DICE stated ages ago that this game is an alternate-timeline version of WW1 -- hence all the ridiculous things you can see in the trailers and gameplay already. It's automatically not "authentic" because it's based on a non-existent history to begin with. So people are just going on anti-SJW tirades to make themselves feel better about their own insecurities or just taking any chance they have to shit out their own political/ideological rhetorics.

RememberThe357898d ago

It's just justification. They keep bringing up this magical, moving, line that separates "realism" from utter fantasy. Those prototype weapons we're gonna be using seem just as common in the real WWI as the female soldiers were. Either way I'm pumped for BF1, female soldiers were going to have little to no impact on whether or not this game is going to be good.

Erik7357899d ago (Edited 899d ago )

Why would you support it? It's just fucking stupid that it got cancled , not because of feminists sake but for customization sake you insecure twat.

Now I do agree for battlefield 1 not having female soldiers but the others it should of happend like for battleifled 4 and 3.

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chobit_A5HL3Y899d ago

i loved res5 but come on... give it a better remaster than this...

hells_supernova899d ago

Huh? Battlefield not resident evil

chobit_A5HL3Y899d ago

well then... this would be the wrong article >.> my statement still stands though.

Goldenarmz899d ago

i dont know why this made me laugh so much.

Deadpooled899d ago (Edited 899d ago )

Wrong article lol I think you're looking for the one with that video showing the only obvious notable difference between the ps3 and the ps4 'remaster' is the position of subtitles being raised.

this one

81BX899d ago

Aghaha thats how u know ur pissed about it... post in the wrong article. Blind rage lol

wonderfulmonkeyman899d ago

That or too many tabs and you confuse them.
I've been there.XD

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mEATgrinder899d ago

Females on the battlefield is not a great idea because from a psychological standpoint seeing a blown up female body would break morale.

jessionpc899d ago ShowReplies(1)
Erik7357899d ago

That's really stupid comment, I mean blowing up and shooting people in general should "break your moral " then if your that sensitive don't even play video games. Fuck your censorship

81BX899d ago

Whaaaa? Calm down there. Maybe hes refering to the time period? Not everyone is as cool as you, at one point in time people valued certain morales.. nothing like today.

InTheZoneAC899d ago

are you 90 and have never seen someone die in a videogame?

Gh05t898d ago (Edited 898d ago )

Obviously you have never been on a "battlefield" because let me tell you watching your brother get blown up in a Humvee in front of you is not a neutral feeling. Not to mention I can't think of any war in the past where a ground troop wouldn't have come across a dead female body be it from an attack or collateral damage.

I don't like the idea of women on the battlefield for one reason, I'm old fashioned and there's plenty of men that should step up first. There is no reason a woman can't be a combatant. There are female combatants in plenty of countries. However, that being said I also want the standards to become equal as well. No more women have to do flexed arm hangs while men have to do pull-ups, or women have to run the 3 mile in 21 minutes for a perfect score while men have to do it in 18.

It would take some getting used to but there is no none traditional reason it CAN,T happen. Plenty of female warriors in African tribes too.

To me it's really insulting when people say well the men might rape them, or the men can't handle seeing women be blown up, or men might not make the best judgement and put more lives at risk trying to save them. Seriously that is so insulting and if you are a man and you think you would do any of those then do me a favor and stay the hell out of our military anyways.

I am also not saying that women will be the best fit for every job or every situation. I think that should be up to a commander to decide and if he/she sits a female out for a reason that may cause a negative outcome on the battlefield so be it. But the faster we can be honest about all this and see we are different but each have our own advantages and disadvantages and we should be chosen for them than the faster we can truly start building a better force.

But who am I kidding most men won't admit there may be an advantage and most women won't admit that there may be times where it's a disadvantage so I digress.

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