Kikizo: Gears of War 2 Preview with Cliff Bleszinski

Kikizo writes: "It was more than a year after the release of Gears of War for the Xbox 360 that Microsoft finally came clean about a sequel for the 5-million-seller. But while the publisher may have been reluctant to go public with their decision, for Epic, it was a done deal on day one.

"We started working on it the moment the first one shipped," Epic's Cliff Bleszinski told Kikizo during a recent demonstration of the new game, due on Xbox 360 this autumn."

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HipHopGamerShowFan3726d ago

Gears 2 better have fixed all the online problems

Dark SeRaNADE3726d ago

i hope so man, so far it seems like it, no more shotgun rolling, no more host advantage, no more faling into cover whilst running from a mad nutter with shotgun, no more active downs with the sniper....its looking better yet!

nov 7th couldnt come sooner!