Conduit for Wii: 360 looks, (mostly) tight controls, '09 release (Ars Technica Preview)

Opposable Thumbs writes:

"The Conduit is a game that we have heard much about without the ability the ever play extensively. High Voltage Software, the developers of the title, showed the game on a random station in Nintendo's booth, and although its debut was low-key, the game seemed to be getting attention: the line to play was longer than almost any other title from Nintendo."

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Sony Rep3703d ago

A wii game surpasses the 360?????

kevanio093703d ago

Just no. This game according to kotaku does not even look as good as metroid prime 3.

ChickeyCantor3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

Yeah well at kotaku they are idiots.
When you bring Metroid prime into this matter you are Comparing ART-style versus technical capabilities.

This Engine+ RetroStudio art direction is going to be a Metroid game that surpasses any Prime game.

They were praising Retro-studio yes.
But the fact remains, This engine is doing allot more then what That of Retro's.
So when people start comparing this game to metroid they are confusing Artstyle with Technical stuff.
I did not see any normal mapping in metroid.

This Engine could have meant allot for Metroid to make the worlds come more to life.

Also comparing the core gameplay is pretty weird, Metroid prime is an adventure/FPS.
The conduit = FPS.

No they are showing that the Wii can do MORE then what other developers have Sh/ting out.
They are doing something for the Wii-community can't you at least be happy for them? All the bashing and crap you guys are sad.

poopsack3703d ago

the studio itself said the game wouldnt be a good as metroid. so are the devs themselves the idiots?

Winter47th3703d ago

Are they actually trying to hype this game depending on its graphics? on the wiiiii? what a joke.

3703d ago
N4g_null3703d ago

@KnaveX it's called being polite. Until the publisher is announced you could almost guess nintendo will be doing this one.

Like sidar said the art team is way stronger over at retro for certain things but this engine along with the fact that it will be online with even better controls makes this game better in my book. Most people will not even beat metroid 3 on the Wii.

Also I trust ARS way more than the fanboys over at Kotaku... I mean really trust a otaku more than the guys at ARS is a failure. Then on top of that Kotaku is a blog ARS is a news site. writes:
"The Conduit is an exciting game, as it shows that there is so much untapped potential in the Wii. "

It also seemed they wanted more motion controls which are not really needed since this is a FPS. This game is not suppose to be a revolution it is suppose to be a great FPS for console owners.

I'm sure it will be that now. After seeing quake wars ported to the HD console I really don't think you guys have a lot to brag about. The graphics in that port looked worst than the lowest setting on a PC. Then if a game does look good on the HD systems it runs at 30fps and you get analog sticks that are barely good at spaming. The Wii game is running at a nice frame rate and you get better control and it is pushing the Wii. Normal mapping is not suppose to be possible on a system that debuted at $250.

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GiantEnemyCrab3703d ago

Please don't compare this garbage looking game to anything on the 360. You just make yourself look like a fool.

No FanS Land3703d ago

«Anything» on the 360? so you actually mean that perfect dark zero is much better than this? Also includes most wanted and Peter Jackson's king kong.

Smacktard3703d ago

The King Kong video game was actually great. Don't knock it til you played it!

That's all I have to say.

BrotherNick3703d ago

LOL, I thought King Kong was fun too ._.

kevnb3702d ago

actually, yes those two games are much better than this.

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ChickeyCantor3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

Everywhere people are comparing this with Metroid.
Metroid did not look good because of the shaders/textures/lightning.
It looked good because Retro-studio has a Strong ART-DIRECTION.

This gamehowever is more showing of the technical aspect of what the Wii can do. This engine puts all those other games to shame.
Even Metroid Prime 3, The art is amazing, the technical part not so much in comparison with this engine.

Imagine Metroid prime 3 with full normal mapping.
That would have been thé Metroid this generation.

Not bashing Metroid! i love the series!

Blink_443703d ago

They need to work on the textures of the gun.
Otherwise it looks good.

Ps3Fanboy7773703d ago

So what now Nintendo wants to do graphics? LOL please, not with that hardware.

Anything that can be exploited in that system has already been seen, and most likely seen quite awhile ago.

Stick to gameplay and the casual audience.

ChickeyCantor3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

"So what now Nintendo wants to do graphics? LOL please, not with that hardware"

Ey brainless monkey, its HVS making this game not Nintendo.

LMAO of someone disagreed!?
Its Nintendo who is making this game?!
I guess pulling facts out of your @ss is in these days XD

Kleptic3703d ago

I have seen nearly every video of this game so far...and I have yet to get a single idea of where anyone is saying how great looking it is...

its a great looking Wii game...but this is 10th time, at least, that I have heard previews comparing it to a true current gen game...and its not even close to that imo...

this preview says 'real time lighting'...if they are referring to some semi-dynamic character shadows...ok...but the overall lighting model looks no different than several good looking PS2/Xbox games (max payne 2 is one example)...

this game is getting some publicity because its a 'core game on the Wii...the wii simply can't do complex visuals...pretending like it can by over-hyping it will only make the matter worse...this game is in the release window of Killzone 2 for the PS3...I would love to see a visual comparison video between the two around then...

ChickeyCantor3703d ago

The game looks more than decent if we say "for a wii game".
All we need now is a solid Online mode and control scheme.

Also HVS has hyped this game a bit to early if you ask me, they should polish it up and then hype it.
Because it might look this way till the end with out improvements.