Where next for Far Cry?

We’ve had robots, cavemen, paradise and pistes, but where should Ubisoft’s franchise head now? Here are a few ideas.

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Primal Rex870d ago

Back to Africa the wildlife was underused in Farcry 2 i think there were only zebras, gazelles and buffalos

NeverEver870d ago

Hopefully another year or two off since it's gotten repetitive as hell

jessionpc870d ago

I know, the franchise is dead to me.

A sociopath, a open world with nothing important to do in it, with a bunch of pointless missions and characters u couldn't give a fk about, "even the ones who take their clothes off for you, and when that happens you KNOW your game sucks.

But the brand now sells to the plebs. I'm pretty sure they could sell far cry 5 and have it be a toilet cleaning simulator and people would give it 7.5/10

Psychotica870d ago

Really? How many FC games had spears, slingshots and allowed you to have wild animals as pets?

NeverEver870d ago

Sure the skin might be new but the core gameplay mechanics were the same damn thing since Far Cry 3

ginsunuva869d ago

Ubisoft just milks franchises to death in record time.

Perjoss870d ago

I'm playing FC Primal at the moment when I can tear myself away from Overwatch and I'm not going to lie, I'm enjoying it quite a bit.

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The story is too old to be commented.