EA's casual, card-based RTS sounds terrible, plays amazingly (Ars Technica Preview)

Opposable Thumbs writes:

"The show floor at this year's Penny Arcade Expo was, for the most part, a relatively straight-forward affair; there were few surprises for media who saw most PAX titles in E3 demos. One game that stuck out was EA Phenomic's new PC-exclusive RTS BattleForge. Just a single short play-test was enough for me to brand it as my personal "game of the show."

Two main elements make BattleForge stand out: the speed and a novel card mechanic. The game's blistering pace is noticeable right from the get-go: build times are non-existent and the only resource-power-is abundant and easily found in power plants scattered about the playing fields. There's little consideration for resource management, as you don't need to deal with harvesting units or maintaining a headquarters. You'll spend your time pushing forward, finding new power plants, and building increasingly devastating units."

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