Gamereactor: Infinite Undiscovery Review

Gamereactor writes: "Tri-Ace shows that they are stuck in the past with a sluggish uengageret and role-play, neither will one or the other. Tanggaard har været på vandretur... Tanggaard has been on the trek."

+Nice graphics.
+Interestingly combat
+Somewhat nice music

-Trag history,
-Haltingly technical side, too many bikarakterer.
-No surprises.
-Skabelonskåret dialog

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UnSelf3675d ago

lol a 5? wow.....a bit harsh dont u think?

but if the shoe fits.....

Cyrus3653675d ago

It's harsh, but hard to make out what the site is saying, even with google translation, it seems there saying it's same old same old?

Will_Smith3674d ago

Do you feel like this game got gyped?

Do you feel like fanboys are going to make fun of the reviews scores?

DONT FRET! Follow these steps to know exactly what to say:

Wildarmsjecht3674d ago

LMAO, say what you will, that chart explains the current N4G cast member wholeheartedly.

juuken3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

It seems like today hasn't been the bots day as of late...

*watches as the bots starts screaming at her and slamming disagree buttons*

meepmoopmeep3674d ago

juuken you're banned back here AGAIN???
lmao, i thought you were going to be nice

juuken3674d ago


Damn bots were obviously scared I was in the gamerzone so they reported me unfairly! ;_;

Bathyj3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

Oo'er, thats Megaharsh. Well I guess its not just Gamespot then.

Can we refer to this flop as Infinite Buggery from now? Its like the treatment Xbox owners get from M$ so it suits I think.

AAACE53674d ago

Now if this game was exclusive to the Ps3, then fanboys would be in an uproar about the reviewers being biased towards Ps3 games!

Get a life!

Oh... Bathyj... I hope that picture is not the real you! The person in the picture looks like a sick pedophile who trades his Ps3's in every 3 months cause he likes to be the first one to slide the disc in the slot on as many new Ps3's he can get his sick hands on!

That was not meant to be a joke!

Bathyj3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

I'm getting a bit sick of "if this was on PS3 everyone would love it", "if Afrika was on Xbox, everyone would hate it". Dont cry to me because your games aren't turning out like you'd like. Maybe instead of trying to get EVERY game M$ should try to get GOOD games. Sounds to me like theres nothing to wrong with this game, its just a path thas been walked a thousand times. Thats M$ all over. Dont try anything too risky, innovative or different. Wait til someone else does it and then copy it.

As for my Avatar, why am I even wasting my breathe (fingers) on someone with no appreciation for the classics? Do a google search freak and enlighten yourself.

7.62mm Full Metal Jacket!

Wildarmsjecht3674d ago

Oh....k.. I didn;t think it would be as low as this..I figured a 7-8 game, but various sites that we've all gone to before and continue to go to are giving it relatively low scores. Is it just a mediocre game?

solidjun53674d ago

It's all subjective. I have a friend who got the game and has been playing it all day and he said the story is...*meh*. He said the battle system, while fun sometimes, isn't something special. He didn't use the word mediocre, but the game doesn't wow him.

funkysolo3674d ago

From the gameplay videos it looks like fun

Fox013674d ago

yea but the voice acting makes me wanna shoot myself each time I watch a gameplay footage.

I'm going to by the game anyway (I have to get ToV first though), I'm a RPG fan so...

AAACE53674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

I always viewed this game as a hit or miss title. But there will be a few who buy it!

When they first showed it, I saw a few things that made me question the quality of the game. I just accepted it as an early build and thought the issues would have been worked out... But I guess they haven't!

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