Edge Feature: Is Lara Croft Sexist?

Edge writes: "This year's Tomb Raider Underworld will be the ninth proper home console installment of Lara Croft's never-ending quest for booty. The buxom heroine first debuted in the original 1996 Tomb Raider, with developer Core and publisher Eidos drawing back the curtains on what would become a pop culture phenomenon that transcends gaming.

But Lara Croft is an interesting duality: on one hand she has served as a symbol of female empowerment--a strong, smart, sexy woman whose dual-wielding is worthy of a John Woo flick. On the other hand, Lara and her exaggerated womanly proportions have been viewed by some as an objectification of women--an easy way to exploit the raging hormones of the young, videogame-buying male demographic.

The question of whether or not Lara is sexy or just plain sexist is not such a cut and dry issue. With Eidos' introduction of a new living, breathing (gymnast) Lara Croft model, we asked women of the games industry about Lara's evolving role as the iconic front-woman of the hit Tomb Raider franchise."

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seraph pinion3728d ago

is cyborgist. With his big pistol and fancy "dead or alive" talk, he makes all us other cyborgs look bad and forces to live up to an impossible standard of badda$$itude.

You don't, YOU DON'T, hold yourself up to the ideals of anybody else, real or imagined, because you will always fail. Be happy with yourself as you are or change. Doi.

Baba19063728d ago

The real question is: Is this topic old as my grannies underwear? yes it is. Honestly this has been discussed in the late 90s. shut it edge......