1UP: Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise Review

Review by Anthony Gallegos:

"My relationship to my piñatas is a strange one. Like every normal human out there, I think they're adorable, but I don't let myself get attached to them. Otherwise, I'd feel like an evil tyrant when I break up their little piñata families and sell them off when they can no longer provide me with experience. What can I say? I'm practical?and the MMORPG player in me covets a level up in any game, forcing me to harden my heart and put aside my normal love for all things cute.

Leveling up is why the original Viva Piñata remains an addiction of mine; it still surprises me just how fulfilling it is to cultivate multiple gardens and complete tiny objective after tiny objective in order to attract a new species of piñata. Which is why I love Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise even more. While it's not groundbreaking and is pretty much the same as the original, the myriad refinements and user-friendly changes make the game even more welcoming. It's easy to appreciate the new interface additions, like the ability to more easily locate a specific piñata in your garden or quickly plant a certain seed. The handful of annoying and tedious actions from the previous game were rethought and streamlined, making everything smoother -- and a lot more fun. Even the stuttering framerate that would occur during the autosaving is mostly gone, which really helps keep your focus on working your green thumb rather than noticing how much your own thumb hurts from playing for hours on end."

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Zerodin3674d ago

Hey droidtards? Where are you comments?
Oh...that's right, it scored better then most PS3 titles, and you are shamed.

ScottEFresh3674d ago

If LBP is for kids then who the f*ck is this for?

PS looks like a great game

PSS Xbots are dumb dumbs

Drealmcc0y3674d ago

He didnt mention LBP in his post

cahill3674d ago

GI - 8
gamepro - 8
Gamespot - 8.5
1up - A (1up gave SIREN an A too)

Dyingduck3674d ago

You guys are retarded hypocrite - making fun of LBP for its kiddie factors...look at you morons now praising an even more kiddy game...

All I can do is laugh at your face.

gambare3674d ago

LOL a kiddie game was way better than Too human lolololol way to go "hardcore" console

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fufotrufo3674d ago



elitewh0re3674d ago

Wow, an A.... ? maybe its time to try this game...

asyouburn3674d ago

the first game was addictive as hell. . . i never saw it comin

Perjoss3674d ago

There was a nice little touch in the first game where once in a blue moon (they were really, really rare) you could make a rare pinata I think they were called wild card pinatas, and they actually looked different. I hope they expanded on this a bit or at least kept them in this time, after completing the game it was one reason I guess to keep playing. I sunk tons of hours into the first one and never got a wild card, better luck this time maybe!

cahill3674d ago

.GI - 8
.gamepro - 8
.Gamespot - 8.5
.1up - A (1up gave SIREN an A too)

pp3674d ago

Home to AAA games only possible on xbox360

gambare3674d ago

AAA kids games for a kids console

militant073674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

its deserve it the game so fun , i really cant wait to get my copy its shipped today

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