Gamespot Reviews Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise

Gamespot writes: "The ultracolorful visuals of Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise hide a deep and engrossing simulation of what it must be like to pump papier-mache animals full of candy. Following on the heels of the deceptively addictive 2006 original, developer Rare has brought the whole cast back for a second tour along with a bevy of new pinatas and gameplay modes to complement your cultivating endeavors. A better tutorial and clear-cut objectives make this easier for novices to tackle their own gardens, and the intricate balancing act required to tame the more complex pinatas should delight seasoned players as well. The core experience may not have received a noticeable overhaul in the last two years, but the fictional animals are still so charming, and the rewards are so fulfilling, that Trouble in Paradise is even harder to resist than its predecessor".

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Perjoss3728d ago

first was was really addictive, if theres enough new stuff in there I might pick this up also

chasuk083728d ago

Look at the graphics. Im not being a fanboy but the graphics are crap. There are some ps2 and wii games that look better than these.

Maybe its time for an upgrade microsoft, as the main flaw is in the textures, so im gessing its because they have to compress them to fit them on their crappy dvd-r.

nieto3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

even this crappy game manage to score better than too human and the rest of the mediocre Jrpg's that the x360 it's getting. LOL

that's plain sad. who wants to play this uninteresting casual game? not me! that's for sure! ;-D

Little Big Planet FTW!

militant073727d ago

the graphic really great for me
and before you talk you should know that game pump the GPU to its limit and also CPU, for that garden size not bigger than before but you can put more item this time.

finally its use maximum of 360 power but still can get better by adding more helper and item and lands.. etc

Fiona3728d ago

nice, might pick this up. been looking for a game to play with the girlfriend. never play the first one.

Aquanox3728d ago

Great scores so far. Who would've thought??

Zerodin3728d ago

Not the droids, stuff like this makes em poop!

TheMART3728d ago

Only the PS3 fandroids didn't.

Viva Piniata 1 was rated 8.5 out of 10 average also

But PS3 tards like to believe that Rare can't make anything good anymore, just because its XBOX bound.

pwnsause3728d ago

too human still flopped.

Sez 3728d ago

so did haze. so whats your point.

Dyingduck3728d ago

Too Human was a 10-years flop while Haze was a 2-years flop.

10 > 2 => Too Flop AKA 2/10 FLOP (LOL) = biggest flop of the "century"

Anyway, this game got good ratings so far, but who really buys it?

pwnsause3728d ago

Thank you for stating the obvious.

Stryfeno23728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

Too Human 7gb Flop

Haze 32gb Flop + Found in Bargain bin in a week = For Losers On Playstation (F.L.O.P)

Anyway, who doesn't love some pinatas?

Sez 3727d ago

you have to be plain stupid or retarded. i will say both. it doesn't matter if it's a 10 year flop or a 2 year flop or a 2 second flop. a flop is a flop. the only diffrence between the two. one will sell better than the other, one will have a sequel the other put the dev's in debt. where lair 2, heavenly sword 2,haze 2,folklore 2,ect you get my point.

TheMART3727d ago

Too Human is rated on about a 7 out of 10 just a good game

Haze is rated on 5.6 out of 10 just a FLOP

PS3 fans call NG2 a flop rated on 8.2 out of 10

In that view, GT5P on 8.0 and Heavenly Sword on 8.1 are floppppp

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Fiona3728d ago

The first one receive good scores so i dont know why ppl are surprise that this one is getting good scores.

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The story is too old to be commented.